What is Wazifa ?

Wazifa is an Arabic word. Meaning of Wazifa is “to engagement”. The term wazifa is usually used to recite some verses or phrases of Quran-E-Pak. Or by reciting names of Al-Mighty Allah and by Darood Pak. To seek a specific solution for any problem, issue or anything. Muslims do it to get some rewards from Al-Mighty Allah. In wazifa Muslim used to recite some verses, phrases or word taken from the book of Allah “Quran-E-Pak”. They also recite the names of Al-Mighty Allah and Darood Pak. They recite it for a specific number of the day, and for a particular number of times to get some rewards. Rewards come in terms of the solution of their problem.

Problems & Solutions

According to Quran, you will get the solution for your every problem in Quran-E-Pak. Wazifa is nothing else reciting verses of Quran. Life is full of problems, in everyday life we face so many issues. So Islam helps us to overcome those problems with the help of Quran-E-Pak. Theknowledgepower.net trying to provides you all wazifas. You will find wazifa for your problem on our website. And as well as on our YouTube channel. In case if you do not find your desired one. Feel free to contact us we will provide you. Some of the most search wazifa are mentioned below. We are here to help you out with your problems. It's a request to all our friends please remember us in your prayers. We also need your prayers to run this. If you have any problem or issue, please use our contact us form. To avail the opportunity for Free Istikhara visit our Istikhara page. Please use our website to contact us for your problems. On Facebook Page or Google Plus we only able to provide you fast solution like providing videos etc. But not able to entertain your Prayer Request or Istikhara. For both you have to fill the form on our website.

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