Stubborn Kids

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Stubborn Kids

Now a day s many parents facing this problem. Dealing with stubborn children is a challenging job for parents. Even sometimes they have to do lots of things for the necessary day things like eating a meal, taking a bath or going to bed.

There are so many ways to deal with stubborn kids. You must have to give proper time to your children. Parents must have to appreciate them for their good things.

Tips for Parents to Deal with Stubborn Kids

There are so many tips for parents to deal with their children. Even we have a wazifa for them to overcome this problem.

Listen to Your Kids

One of the main mistakes know a day’s parents do is not listening to their child. Listen to your kids, see what is bothering them to not to do the task. Behave them in a calm way. Do open conversation with them. About the things which bothered them.

Don’t Force Your Kids

When you force your kids to do something which they are not willing to do they tend to rebel. So don’t force your stubborn kids to do things which they don’t want. Sit with them talk with them and you will see they will respond you in positive way.

For example, if you child is playing with mobile and you don’t want that he or she waste their time on mobile to force them to leave it now. Sit with them see what they are doing on mobile. Like they are playing game ask them different questions about the game. Show them your interest and care and they will respond you.

Bring Different Options for Kids

Stubborn kids have their own mind. Don’t always tell them what to do. Best practice is to bring different options. For example, if your kid doesn’t want to wear your selected suite. Don’t force him her give them an option. Wear this one or that one. A

Respect Them

Even if your kid is not willing to obey your rules don’t yell at them stay calm and respect them. Don’t tell others that your kid is stubborn. Infect tell others that your kid is very obeying one. In this way, you easily overcome on this problem.

Wazifa for Stubborn Child.

Today we bring a wazifa for parents who facing this problem. This wazifa is based on Al-Mighty Allah Names “Ya Hayy Ya Qayyum”. Proper pronunciation is describe in video. You have to write this in Arabic on a clean paper. How to write all the instructions are given in this video.

Wazifa for Zidi Bachya

[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”600″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#000000″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]

Dosto aj hum app ka liya jo wazifa la kr aya hain woo hai zidi bachoon ka liya. Ess wazifa main Allah ka name use hoya hain. App en ko eik saaf paper per 100 dafa likh lain jesya video main batya gaiya hai. Video main detail batyi gayi hai ka kesya app nay ya wazifa likhna hai. Khuch Ahtiat hain ess wazifa main jo lazmi krni parain ge. Taaka app ess ka faida utha sakain.

App na darya ka pani la lain ya ager Darya app ka pass nahi hai to app Naheer ka pani la lain. Ess wazifa ko us pani main mix kr lain or apna bachya ko palain. Khuch dino main he app kay a masla haal ho jaiya ga. Aj ka Wazifa tqreban hr ghr ki zrorat ha agr apky bachy zid krty ya khana ni khaty means kisi b chez me stubborn hain to is wazifa ki brkat sy ap unki zid ko khtm kt skty hain.



Note: Humain apni Duwaoon main yaad rahkain.



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