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How to break a fever | Dua for fever

How to break a fever

The weather is changing. This means that we are more likely to catch fevers and other diseases. Surely, medicines can come to your aid in this situation. However, we at Knowledge Power have come up with 2 powerful wazaif for you today which will mitigate your fever within hours. Let’s …

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How To Get Rid Of Stomach Gas

How To Get Rid Of Stomach Gas The modern world in which we are living in is full of hustle, rush, and aggression.  Our lives are in actual, a race that each and every person on this planet is running in order to upgrade their living standards. Just like in …

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Dua For Pain Relief

DUA FOR PAIN RELIEF Dua For Pain Relief In Body The era we live in is filled with competitions, struggles and strives to upgrade our life in one way or the other. People are so much involved in work that they usually end up being careless about themselves. This leads …

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How To Stop Coughing Fast

How To Stop Coughing Fast How To Stop Coughing Fast – Dua For Cough Relief As you guys know that winters are approaching or have already started like in ours, catching a cold will be quite common. Coughing and having flu is one of the first signs we experience winters. …

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How To Reduce Fever

How To Reduce Fever How To Reduce Fever, In today’s article, we will discuss How To Lower Fever. We will present a small wazifa which you have to recite and blow on a glass of water. If you are not sick yourself. Even if your friend or relative is suffering …

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How To Improve Eyesight

How To Improve EyeSight How To Improve Eyesight, The following article is about improving your eyesight and all other factors associated with it. Similar to our normal trend, we will cover this topic under the light of Islam and will guide you How To Improve Your Eyesight by Wazaif and Islamic …

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