Dua For Debt

Dua For Debt – How To Get Rid Of Debt Quickly

Dua For Debt Relief (Qarz Ki Dua)

The following article is much requested and very relatable for a lot of people. We are going to discuss how to get rid of debt quickly and will provide a Dua for debt. This way you will get out of your debt without even realizing it and this will be solely due to the giving and merciful nature of Allah. While following these wazaif, we must stay steadfast and put our blind trust in Allah, as any doubt or unease in our heart shall make the entire procedure void and will lead to no benefit.

Before we dive right into our wazifa, let’s just make a few concepts clear.

What is Debt? Common causes of Debt.

In very simplistic terms, debt is an amount of money that you own to someone. Other possessions such as jewelry or properties also come under the category of debt, but, most common out of them all is money. While it is not haram in Islam to take debts, it has been advised at several places not to be under someone’s debt.

There are a lot of reasons you might have to take debt from someone. Every person has his own situation and we cannot exactly predict what might force a person to ask money from some other person. However, some common causes of debt problems are;

. Poverty

. Less income

. More demands. Bigger family

. Divorce

. Gambling

Disadvantages you might have to face if you are under debt

. Might have to pay it back with interest, therefore, more money wasted than money taken also know as debt problems

. If you are unable to return it then you might have to face accusations from the community and even prison.

. Mentally not free

. Additional stress

.  Not returning it on promised time is a gunnah

Dua for debt free and procedure to follow

. Begin with the recitation of Durood Shareef 1 time


dua for debt
dua for debt

This is a very easy duaa and can wave off your debt without you even realizing it.

. Recite this dua 100 times daily.

. Finish the procedure with the recitation of Durood Shareef 1 time.

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Timings for this Wazifa

There is no obligation when it comes to the timings of this Wazifa. You can perform it after the prayer of Fajr or prayer of Isha or even after the prayer of Tahajjud.

As far as the duration of this Wazifa is concerned, you have to keep doing this wazifa until your quest is fulfilled. This means that until your debt is paid off. There is no fixed time as to when your debt will be paid. This is unpredictable and only Allah knows it. Only Allah knows what is better for us and indeed, He will grant us when the right time comes. As a Muslim, it should be our firm faith that He will never go wrong with us. In case, we are going through bad times,  we should keep a strong belief that Allah will shower his blessings upon us soon and good times will approach faster.

Finally, we would advise you to share the wazifa as much as possible as being in debt is something very common in our society. Modern-day demands push middle-class people to such extent that they end up taking loans. Sharing such wazaif can bring betterment in the lives of our fellow Muslim brothers. If someone is gaining benefit from us then it is not only their benefit, rather, it is ours too. This is Sadqah-e-Jariah and will benefit us even after death.

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