Dua For Headache | Migraine Headaches Treatment At Home

Dua For Headache

Dua For Headache

In the modern world of hustle and bustle, we usually ignore ourselves in order to upgrade our living standards. We are so busy in our lives that our focus deviates from our better health to just getting a better life. In such circumstances, stress, tiredness, and fatigue are very common. This leads to a lot of health problems and most commonly headaches. In this article, we are going to discuss all the headaches. We will discuss what causes them, what are the most common reasons behind them and then most importantly, we will provide you with a very powerful DUA FOR HEADACHE.

Headaches seem to be a very no serious pain to a majority of the people. It is mostly associated with tiredness or lack of sleep and it is often thought that some hours of good sleep are going to fix it. Sure that tiredness does play a part and sleep help, but, there is far more in reality than that. Our normal lives are full of unhealthy habits that we ourselves become the root cause of problems developing inside our bodies. The causes of headaches can range from overwork to no work at all and therefore, let’s take a deeper look at what causes headaches.

Causes Of Headaches with Nausea

. Overwork. This is by far the most common. Working more than our capabilities can build up a severe amount of stress in our body. This stress can lead to a lot of problems including headaches. Headaches from overwork can also cause nausea. Nausea is the heavy feeling in the chest and the feeling of vomit. It also causes dizziness and makes you not want to eat or do any other thing productive and just sleep.

. Consuming some foods such as processed foods or unhygienic foods. These kinds of foods contain special chemicals and ingredients which can interrupt the normal mechanisms running inside the body and can indirectly cause headaches.

. Sometimes, a disease in your body can also lead to headaches. Sinuses, blood clots, suffocation (not a disease, but, a cause) can be some ordinary diseases.

. On a much serious scale, diseases such as Brain AVM (in which the blood vessels inside the brain stop working efficiently), Brain aneurysm (a bulge in the artery which is leading to your brain), any structural issue in the skull or even brain tumor can bring in unbearable pain in the brain.

. Dehydration

. High blood pressure

. Influenza

. Improper medication

. Any infection in the ear

. Any tight headgear you might be wearing

. Lack of activity. Being lazy and being in bed all day can make you, even more, lazier and slower. This also makes your metabolism extremely slow and therefore, can lead to a headache as well.

. Overuse of electronic devices. By far this is going to be the most relatable. We tend to be using our devices all the time. Be it our smartphones, laptops, tablets or any other gadgets, there is always something which we keep in front of our eyes all the time. This activity puts a lot of pressure on your eyes and really affects our vision. We may not feel like it, but, focusing on the screen at all times makes our eyes heavier and our vision lighter. This leads to pressure on the brain as our eyesight is heavily linked to our brain/nervous system. As an end result, we feel nauseated and dizzy. This also initiates a headache. Ignoring these symptoms in the long run and sticking to this same old routine can lead to many diseases.

Dua For Headaches

The following is a very simple and easy to follow wazifa used for headache patients. If you are looking for a simple, easy and step by step guide on How to treat headaches then follow the instructions below.

. Begin with the recitation of Durood Shareef 1 time.


dua for headache
dua for headache

. End the procedure with the recitation of Durood e Pak 1 time.

. After this, blow on the forehead of the person who is experiencing pain.

. If you are feeling headache then you can ask any friend or family member to blow on your forehead.

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Migraine Headaches Treatment At Home

On the other side, if you are experiencing pain in half part of our brain (a migraine), then do the following,

.  Begin with the recitation of Darood Shareef 1 time

. Recite Surah Ikhlas 1 time

dua for migraine
dua for migraine

. End the procedure with the recitation of Durood Pak 1 time.

. After this, blow on the forehead of the person who is experiencing pain.

. If you are feeling headache then you can ask any friend or family member to blow on your forehead.


If your pain doesn’t go away after being blown on your forehead after 1 time, then you can do it either 3 times, 7 times or 11 times. Surely, before the completing 11 times, the pain will fade away and you will feel better.

Share this wazifa with fellow Muslim brothers and sisters as this is Sadqah-e-Jariah and it will give us blessings even after death.

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