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Dua For Health-How to stay healthy

How to stay healthy

Salam Brothers And Sisters,

Do you want good health or do you want to remain in good health? Do you want to know the dua for good health? YES! Certainly, we all want to remain fit and healthy.

Tips for good health

Allah created us and gave us this body. In actual fact, This body does not belong to us it belongs to Allah so we have a responsibility of looking after it.  We have to eat healthily, drink healthy and ensure we refrain from anything that would cause harm to our bodies. You need to learn the dua for health, The dua for health is very important for us as it is powerful in keeping our bodies fit and healthy.

Dua for health is very simple and easy to remember. If you cannot remember the dua for health then write it down and read it or just read the dua for health straight of this article. But make sure you supplicate to Allah for good health.

Dua for good health

Abdur Rehman ibn Abi Bakrah may Allah be pleased with him once said to his father,  “oh my beloved father, I have noticed that you recite this dua.  Allah Humma Aa’fini Fi Badani Allah Humma Aa’fini Fi Sami’ee Allah Humma Aa’finii Fi Basari, Laa Ilaaha Illa Anta. 3 times in the morning and 3 times in the evening. The father said, “I used to hear prophet Muhammad supplicate this dua”

dua for health

Translation of the prayer for health and strength

This is the dua for health and the translation is, “Oh Allah grant me a healthy body, good hearing and good sight, there is no God but you Yaa Allah”.

 How to recite dua for health

Supplicate this dua 3 times in the morning and 3 times in the evening, inshaAllah through the power of this dua, you will feel fit and healthy.

We ask Allah to give us the ability to supplicate the dua of health and we make dua Allah grants us a long prosperous virtuous life, Ameen.


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