Dua For Pain Relief


Dua For Pain Relief In Body

The era we live in is filled with competitions, struggles and strives to upgrade our life in one way or the other. People are so much involved in work that they usually end up being careless about themselves. This leads to a lot of problems and causes pain in the body. In this article, we will discuss and explain and very powerful DUA FOR PAIN RELIEF.

Stress can lead to weakness in the body. If we carefully ponder over the current situations around us, we can easily witness that everyone is under some sort of stress. Students are stressed about their results. Women are stressed about pleasing their families and about all the household work. Men are stressed over earning enough revenues to bring good food at the table every day. Every person in our community is in a state of rush and fight in order to upgrade his/her standards.

Coming back to today’s topic, we will be discussing almost every kind of pain commonly experienced. For every sort of pain be it, muscle pain, body pain, arthritis, lower back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, leg pain, or upper back pain, this simple dua will deliver wonderful results.

Before we start with the dua, we will explain a few factors which lead to pain in the body.

Causes Of Body Pain

. Muscle stiffness. If you are hunching over a laptop or a notebook for too long, your muscles can get stiff and blood flow can be restricted. This can lead to numbing of the muscles and also potential pain.

. Not moving your legs and sitting in a stationary position for too long can also bring in pain.

. Focusing too much on the screen and working on an electronic device can damage eyesight and can cause severe headaches.

. Taking in a lot of caffeinated drinks in order to stay alert and fresh for work can damage the brain in the longer run

. Working too long without breaks can make metabolism slower.

. Not taking breaks in between work and staying in the same place for hours and hours can lead to obesity.

.  Lack of exercise or movement can also mess up your digestive system


As mentioned above, this wazifa contains the power and ability to cure any of your pain. This is not a specific wazifa for curing a specific pain inside your body, rather, it will find solutions to any kind of pain.

. Begin with the recitation of Durood Shareef 1 time


                 WABIL HAQQI ANZALNAHU WABILHAQQI NAZAL WAMA                       

ARSALNAKA ILLA MUBASHIRAN WANAZEERA” (Surah Bani Israel Ayat 105)3 times.

dua for pain relief
dua for pain relief

. End with the recitation of Durood Shareef 1 time.

. You can recite any Durood Pak you know with proper pronunciation and wording.

. After this, blow on the point of the body where your body aches.

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Pain Relief Oil

. Begin with the recitation of Durood Shareef 1 time.

. Recite the same ayat, ” BISMILLAH HIR RAHMAN NIR RAHEEM

                 WABIL HAQQI ANZALNAHU WABILHAQQI NAZAL WAMA                       

ARSALNAKA ILLA MUBASHIRAN WANAZEERA” (Surah Bani Israel Ayat 105) 3 times.

surah bani israel ayat 105
surah bani israel ayat 105

. End with the recitation of Durood Shareef 1 time.

. You can recite any Durood Shareef you know with proper pronunciation and wording

. After this, take few amounts of oil and blow on it. Then use the oil to massage on the part of your body which is under pain.

. If you cannot recite this yourself, you can ask a friend or someone in the family to prepare the pain relief oil for you.

. If the amount of oil you prepared is about to finish, you can add more in it and can do this, again and again, all your life. The oil and the wazaif on it will not get void.

. However, you can still prepare a new oil if you wish to.

Massaging with this oil will prove to be very beneficial for you and you will feel that your pain is gradually being mitigated. Make sure that you have a very strong faith when you are following this wazifa as any kind of distrust in the wazaif can make the entire process invalid and useless.

Lastly, please share what you hear from us with fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. Wanting the best for others is also part of strong faith and it has been emphasized many times to help others. Sharing such wazaif with others make their life easier and in return, we get blessed too. This is Sadqah-e-Jariah and it benefits us even after death.

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