dua for pregnancy

Dua For Pregnancy

Salam Brothers and Sisters,

Today in this article we are going to learn a Dua and also an invocation through which if supplicated and invoked Allah will bless us with pious children. Many Muslims around the world have been trying for Children for a long time but yet Allah has not blessed them, does this mean we should lose hope? NO! In actual fact, we should try even more to please Allah also bearing in mind that faith consists of 2 things,  Fear and Hope. It’s apart of our deen to always keep hope in Allah. Dua for pregnancy is proven to be very effective by those who have supplicated and if you do so you will reap the benefits. Before I mention the dua to become pregnant I would like to mention some blessings of having children.

Blessing Of Children

Having children is a blessing in all aspects,  from a worldly perspective and also from an Islamic perspective. We are not here to learn about the worldly benefits of having children so I’ll skip and tell you the Islamic benefits.

After we die there are not many people we can rely on but one thing for sure we can always rely on our children so long as we have given them a good Islamic upbringing. So what should our children do for us once we die? As you should know once we die we can still reap rewards and attain a great deal of pleasure in the grave, but where would this come from? It would come from the good doings of our children, our children would make Du’a for us, whenever they would read the Quran we would benefit from their recitation.

Our Nabi Muhammad peace be upon him said,  “marry pious and prolific women for on the day of resurrection I will be proud of your numbers.”

On the day of resurrection when all the nation’s of all the prophets peace be upon them will be standing, the nation of our Nabi Muhammad peace be upon him will be the largest. It has been proven from this hadith that we are encouraged to give birth to pious offspring and increase the Ummah of our Nabi Muhammad peace be upon him.

Dua For Pregnancy

Every day after each salah recite the following Du’a, ensure you send salat alan Nabi (durood) once before and after:

“Rabi Habli Milla Dun ka Dhuriyya Tan Tayyibah Inna Ka Samee’ Ud Du’a”

Dua For Pregnancy
Dua For Pregnancy

Recite the above Dua after every Salah, InshaAllah Allah will bless you with pious offspring.

Dua For Children

This invocation for becoming pregnant is very powerful and many brothers and sisters have before from this. All You have to do is dhikr, yes! You just have to remember Allah. Below I will mention exactly what you would need to do.

Recite the blessed name of Allah “YA AWWALU” 41 times for 40 days. Remember to send Salat alan Nabi (durood) once before and once after.

dua for children
dua for children

I make dua in the court of Allah that all of our brothers and sisters that are trying to conceive are blessed with children Ameen.


May Allah bless us all Ameen Ya Rab ul A’lameen.


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