Dua for success-How to be successful

How to be successful

Salaam Brothers and Sisters

Today Insha’Allah we are going to learn the Dua for success. The Dua for success is very powerful for one who has Iman in Allah. Success is something that we all want but we do not know where to go and what to do for success. We want financial success, success in worship, success in reciting the Quran, success in work, success in wealth, success in the job, success in business even success in physical appearance. My Brothers and Sisters why go anywhere else when you have the power of Dua. And especially the Dua of success mentioned in hadith.

2 types of success

1: Success in deen this type of success is the best type of success. That we should all want and the type we all need. At the front of our minds, we must always want to be successful in practicing our religion. And making Allah happy with us. In the adhaan the words ” Hayya Alal Falaah” are used twice, what do they actually mean? The translation is very simple, “come towards success” so ultimately if we want success then we should read Salah for by reading Salah automatically we are given success. If you don’t read Salah then begin reading Salah because that’s the easiest way to become successful.

2: Success in the Dunya (worldly affairs) this type of success is only good if you have good intentions if you do not have good intentions then this type of success is pointless.  Examples of good intentions can be, wanting good grades, wanting a good job etc. As Muslims, we must always want to be successful in different parts of life just like our Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings upon was. Many examples can be given but I’m sure you know that no one can match our Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings upon him.

Dua for success

This Dua has been mentioned in the Musnad of Imam Ahmed. A very beautiful Dua narrated by Anas may Allah be pleased with him. he says, “whoever invokes “Bismillah Hirahmaa Nirraheem Walaa Howla Walaa Quwwata Illa Billaa Hil A’liyyil A’zeem” 10 times. Allah will purify him from sins as if he were born on that day. And Allah will protect him from 70 calamities linked to the world.

dua for success

Translation of the Dua for success

Ya Allah I beg you for healthy faith, ya Allah I beg you for faith with good conduct, ya Allah I beg you for success followed by more success, ya Allah I beg you for you’re mercy and healing and ya Allah I beg you for you’re forgiveness and satisfaction.

Also, read this Dua for health

How to recite this beautiful dua

Send Durood Shareef once then Invoke this invocation 10 times and finish by sending Durood e Pak once again upon Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

My Brothers and Sisters supplicate the dua for success. After every Salah and reap the benefits.  Insha’Allah. Allah will grant you immense success.

I make Dua to Allah that learning the dua for success be easy for you. And that you become successful and remain happy, Ameen!

Please Remember Us In Your Prayers!

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