Dua to make my husband love me-Husband wife love

Dua to make my husband love me|Husband wife love

Salaam Brothers and Sisters,

Today in this article we are going to learn a very important invocation, yes my brothers and sisters this invocation is important for many of our Islamic sisters that are suffering from hardship in their marriage. One of the most frequent asked questions by many sisters is, “is there a dua to make my husband love me?”, well, the answer to this question is yes there is a dua through which if you practice In sha Allah your husband will show more affection to you. Continue reading and soon you’ll come across this dua.

My respected Brothers and Sisters this should not be the case, meaning our Sisters should not have to seek help in this aspect, as husbands we must show love and affection to our spouses as this is what Quran and Hadith teaches us. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him showed the best character in treating his wife’s (Umma haa tul Mu’mineen) with love and affection. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him would even attain advice from his spouses, this is something many husbands do not do. This question, “is there a dua to make my husband love me?” has become so common that it’s vital for us to give help to the sisters facing such trials.

Advice to sisters

My respected Sisters, remember that Allah is the best planner and also remember that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him had said “Great reward comes with great trials” “Allah inflicts hardship upon those whom he loves so that their sins are forgiven and the hereafter becomes easy”

We must ponder upon these blessed words and take every hardship as a blessing and say Alhamdulillah in all situations. In sha Allah if you practice this dua that will be mentioned you will find ease but you have to be sincere and also rectify your character as a wife.

Reasons to why love is not shown

Many of these cases are two-sided, both husband and wife are to blame but mainly the husbands that’s why Islam urges us to learn the rights of the spouse before marriage. Usually, wife’s expect the husbands to spend a lot of time at home, Yes husbands must spend time at home but the question arises where is their time being spent? Usually, the husbands are working but the wife doesn’t tend to understand that this is a very important responsibility upon the husband also.  The solution to this will be that the husband and wife both sit down and make a plan of the entire week, this is the best way to increase understanding between both partners. Also, remember that not everyone remains in the same mood at all times no matter who they are.

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Dua to make my husband love me in english

After every Fardh salah recite “Bismillah hir rahma nirra heem” 121 times, before and after reciting send durood upon Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Once you have completed this close your eyes whilst imagining your husband and blow as if you are blowing physically upon your husband.

Inshallah by practicing this you will find love and comfort from your husband.

I make dua that all of our Muslim Brothers and Sisters remain happy. Ameen.


Please remember us in your prayers



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