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Face Beauty Wazifa | Beauty Tips For Face | wazifa for beauty of face

Beauty Tips

People feel happy when someone compliments them about their beauty. Every male and female want to look beautiful, people boast themselves to be unique to others, and they try different skin care tips to themselves that they look more beautiful than others.

Wazifa for face beauty

We introduce you a new tip to get internal or external beauty with the blessings of ALLAH Almighty names. If you want fairness of face and as well as your soul. just recite three names of Almighty ALLAH as much as you can, or recite it one hundred times (100) after every prayer. Remember that you must recite Darood-E-Pak before and after this wazifa .

Three names of Almighty ALLAH for face fairness

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  • “YA-KHALIQU” ( He who creates everything from nothing and creates all things with the knowledge of what will happen to them)
  • “YA-MUSAWWIR” ( He who designs all things)
  • “YA-JAMEELU” ( The most beautiful)

Recite with proper pronunciation.

Please make sure that you pronounce correctly, or you should concern any molvi sb. Watch the above video with concentration.

Note: Remember us in your prayers.

Beauty tips for women in Urdu

Khubsurat or munfarid nazar ana insan ki  fitrat hy. Har koi chahta hy kay wo pehly sy or zyada khubsurat nazar ay. Aur isi chahat may insane tarhan tarhan kay nuskhay azmata hay taky wo apny chahny walon sy apny hus’san ki daad lay saky.

Isi tarha ka aik wazifa hum ap ko batany ja rahy hain jis sy na sirf apki zahari sourat par nikhaar ay ga balky roohani lehaaz sy bhi ap khud ko pehly sy zyada khubsurat mehsoos Karen gy.

wazifa for beautiful face

[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”600″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#1e73be” txt_color=”#ffffff”]Aj ka humara wazeefa chehry ki khubsurti kay mutaliq hi hay. ALLAH Subhanautalah kay ye teen (3) ba barkat naam.  “YA-KHALIQU”  “YA-MUSAWWIR”   “YA-JAMEELU” har namaz k baad soh (100) martaba awal o akhar Darood-E-Pak kay sath  parh leny sy IN SHA ALLAH chehra noori hojay ga.[/mks_pullquote]


Note: Humain apni duaoon main zaroor yaad rakhiy ga.

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