Hajat Puri Hone Ka Raaz-Imam Ali Alaihissalam Ne Farmaya

Hajat Puri Hone Ka Raaz

Today We Will Share With You Most Powerful Amal For Fulfilment Of Needs And Any Hajat.

This Is A Special Tested Amal For Hajat And Which One Gave Us Imam Ali Alaihissalam.

Imam Ali Alaihissalam Said,

If Anybody Wants, Allah Accept His All Prayers And Fulfilment His All Wishes. He Must Do This Powerful And Tested Amal Before Dua. Means Before Starting Your Prayer Must Send Durood E Pak In Abundance On Beloved Prophet Sallallah O Alaihi Wassallam. As You Sent Durood Shareef Unto Beloved Prophet Sallallah O Alaihi Wassallam In Abundance Then Make Dua To Allah.

In Sha Allah, as a result, Your All Wishes And Desires(Hajaat) Will Fulfilment. But Their In One Condition You Must Do This Amal Means Must Send Durood Shareef On Beloved Prophet Sallallah O Alaihi Wassallam By Heart Because If You Done This Amal Without Heart You Will Not Able To Get Benefits.

One More Thing When You Want To Do Any Wazifa Or Want To Recite Any Prayer. You Don’t Have Any Doubt About That Wazifa And Prayer If You Have Doubt Then Keep In Mind You Will Not Get Benefits.

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For More Detail Please Watch Our Video.

 Note: Remember Us In Your Prayers.Thank You!

Hajat Pori Karne Ka Amal

Imam Ali Alaihissalam Ne Farmaya. Agr Tum Ye Chahty Ho Ka Allah Pak Tmhari Har Hajat Ko Puri Frmae Tmhari Har Dili Muraad Puri Ho. To Jb Bhi Dua Mangoo To Us Se Phly Kasrat Se Durood e Pak Prha Kro. Bs Is Choty Se Amal Ki Barkat Se Allah Pak Tmhari Har Hajat Ko Puri Kar De Ga.

Note: Aur Darood e Pak Ap Koi Sa Bhi Prh Skty Hain. Ye Bhi Zehn Nasheen Kar Li Jye Jb Bhi Koi Wazifa Krain Pore Yaqeen Or Allah Pak Ki Rehmat Se Baa Umeed Ho Kar Krain Tb Hi Aap Us Wazifa Se Faida Hasil Kr Pain Gy.

Mazeed Tafseel Aur Maloomat Ka Lye Please Video Dekhain Thank You!

  Ap Se Guzarish Ha Humain Apni Duaon Me Yaad Rakhain.

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