Hajj Day Wazifa

Hajj Ka Din Wazifa In Urdu

Wazifa on Hajj Day

Today we are going to tell you the wazifa for the HAJ Day. This is most powerful wazifa. By doing this wazifa on “this great day” Haj day you will easily fulfil your desire wishes. This is one of the most important day for the Muslims. In Urdu this is called Hajj ka Din Wazifa.

Hajj is one of the greatest deeds and day in Islam. This teaches us about thee patience and Good ethics. This rituals brings a person more close to his/her creator. We bring this wazifa for you on this great day.


How to Do Wazifa on Hajj Day

This wazifa also describe in our video in detail. But here we are going to tell you in textual form. On the day of Hajj you have to perform this wazifa. You have to perform this wazifa in between Zuhar Prayer and Assar Prayer. You have to recite Surah Ikhlas for 1000 time with start and end of Drood-E-Pak. After that you can ask or make duwa of all your desire wishes and problems to Al-Mighty-Allah. And Allah will Insha-Allah going to give you your desired reward.

Note: Please do remember us in your prayers. We need your prayers badly.

Hajj Ka Din Wazifa In Urdu

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Aj hum app ko eik bohat zarbardast wazifa batana ja rahya hain. Ess wazifa ka krna sa app ki sab naik khuhisaat or Hajjat Insha-Allah zaror pori ho jiayain ge. Hajj ka muqdas din app na Namaza Zuhar or Namaza Asar ka darmyan ya wazifa krna hai.

App na 1000 dafa Surah Ikhlas ka wareed krna or assa krna sa Insha-Allah app ki har Hajat pori ho jaiya ge. Or ess wazifa ko start krna sa phela or Akhtatam per app na darood-e-pak bhi lazmi pharna hai eik dafa.



Note : Humain apni duwaoin main zaror yaad rahkia ga. Ess Muqdas din main humain ki duwaooin ki ashaad zarorat hai. Shukria.

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