How To Become Rich-Wazifa For Money

How To Become Rich And Solve Financial Problems

Dear brothers and sisters,

There is a huge percentage of our Muslim brothers and sisters that are facing financial problems. They are financially struggling and due to their financial circumstances, they have no choice but to get loans etc. This results in them having to pay interest. An interest my respected brothers and sisters is haram in Islam. I am going to teach you how to solve financial problems. And how to become rich fast. Due to this methods. In Sha Allah, there will be no need for you to take out loans etc.

Method One: How To Become Rich

Want to become rich so must recite surah waqiah because  In “rohh-ul-ma’aani” it’s been narrated by Sayyidi Anas that Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings upon said, Surah Al Waqiah is the Surah of prosperity so recite Surah Al Waqiah and teach it to your children.

 Benefits Of Surah Waqiah

It has also been mentioned that once Sayyidi Uthman went to visit Ibn Masood whilst he was on his deathbed. And said to him “would you like me to give you something from the treasury?” Ibn Masood responded saying “Ya Uthman I need nothing from the treasury. Sayyidi Uthman said, “what is going to happen to your daughters once you have gone?” Ibn Masu’d responded saying “Ya Uthman. Do you fear my daughters are going to fall into poverty and hunger? If yes, do not fear for I have ordered them to recite Surah Waqiah every night for I have heard Prophet Muhammad peace and blessing upon saying whosoever recites Surah Al Waqiah every night will never be afflicted with poverty nor hunger.”

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Method Two: How To Become Rich Fast

Invoke “Ya Razzaqu”

how to become rich

Meaning Of Ya Razzaq

The attribute of Allah which means the sustainer.

Method Of Ya Razzaq Wazifa

Recite Ya Razzaq between the 2 Sunnah and 2 fard of Fajr Prayer. 550 times for 41 days. Also before and after the completion send salawaat (Durood Shareef) upon Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him One Time.

My respected brothers and sisters if you adopt this 2 powerful wazaif. In sha Allah you will see immense blessings in your sustenance but remember to have righteous intentions and also firm faith in Allah.

Wazifa For Money In Urdu

Agr apko dolat ke hawaly se preshani ha. Aur ap kai bar wazifa for money ker chuky hain. Aur apko koi faida nhi hoa. To ap ne hamara ajka wazifa for money lazmi krna ha. Yaqeen e kamil ke sath. In Sha Allah. Allah pak apne gaib ke khazano se dolat ata frmae ga. To ap ne Allah ka naam ya razzaq prhna ha.

How To Do This Wazifa

Ap ne fajr namaz ki sunnat aur farzon ke drmyan sirf 550 martba ya razzaq prhna ha. Aur is wazifa ki muddat 41 din ha. Ap ne pore 41 din krna ha. Kisi bhi din is wazifa ko nhi chorna. Agr 41 din pore hone se phly koi din reh gya. To apko dubara se is wazifa ko krna ho ga.


Ap se guzarish ha humain bhi apni duaon mein yaad rhkain.

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