How to break a fever

How to break a fever | Dua for fever

The weather is changing. This means that we are more likely to catch fevers and other diseases. Surely, medicines can come to your aid in this situation. However, we at Knowledge Power have come up with 2 powerful wazaif for you today which will mitigate your fever within hours. Let’s begin with today’s topic, “How To Break A Fever”
Before we dive into the wazaif and the method to recite them, it is important to understand what fever is and how is it caused.


A fever is, basically a condition in which your body temperature rises. This rise is in temperature is a response to the growing bacteria inside your body. When bacteria activity inside your body is high, your body responds by raising its temperature. This rise of temperature is an unsuitable condition for bacteria to survive and eventually, the bacteria dies.
This process can take up to 3-7 days depending upon the gravity of the kind of bacteria acting inside your body. Furthermore, during fevers, it is very common to feel sleepy, weak and not wanting to do anything. It is advisable to drink plenty of fluids during a fever. Also, a person suffering from fever must avoid too much coverage as this will only raise the temperature of the body.


How to break a fever

There are numerous reasons why you might catch a fever. Also, there are some specific indications that tell you or the others that you are suffering from a fever.
(1) Dehydration – As the body’s temperature is rising, it is most likely that you feel constant dehydration. You feel less energetic and more dehydrated. You want to drink water again and again.
(2) Feeling cold even in warm conditions
(3) Lack of appetite – When you are suffering from a fever, it is less likely that you want to eat something. Even if it’s your favorite meal on the dinner table that day, you will just say no to it.
(4) Lethargy and Sleepiness – During a fever, we feel very less energetic. Our body uses maximum calories to kill the bacteria action taking place inside it. Therefore, we feel lazy and want to do nothing. Furthermore, sleepiness is also a factor. When the body is in a low energy state mode, it is obvious that we will want to sleep no matter what the timings are.
These are some symptoms for common low-risk fevers such as the ones we get during the change of seasons. However, if the fever is higher than it gets risky. A few symptoms of high and risky fevers are,
(1) Feeling irritated
(2) Feeling confused
(3) Lack of reflexes
(4) Less control over the body
(5) Pain inside the body
(6) Severe discomfort
(7) Seizures
For these kinds of fevers, normal Paracetamol or Ibuprofen will not work. Instead, it is a must to consult the doctor and start a surgery right away.


There are a few proven ways to mitigate your fever. You can use these tips and get rid of small minor fevers without consulting any doctor. However, it is always best to go to a doctor no matter your fever is minor or major.
(1) Use an anti-inflammatory drug such as Ibuprofen or aspirin. These drugs are available at any medical store and you can purchase them easily.
(2) Drink a lot of fluids. Drinking fluids will make you urinate more and eventually, lower your fever.
(3) Try to stay in less hot conditions. Cooler conditions are better for curing fevers.

Dua for fever

Today, we are bringing two powerful wazaif to you. Follow them and by the grace of Allah, you will feel better.

Wazifa 1:

Write down the kalimaat (phrases/ lyrics) of azaan on the back of the patient. You just have to use your fingers and imitate that you are writing. Make sure your finger has good contact with the back of the person. Hopefully, by the grace of Allah (SWT), the patient will feel better within a while and eventually his fever will get better.
The only condition is that these wazaif have to be followed with the true belief that this will work. As a Muslim, it is a must that we follow the Quran and Hadith blindly. Therefore, if someone follows this Wazifa with a faith that it will work, then it surely will.
If this Wazifa doesn’t work after the first time, you can repeat it 2-3 times with 30 minutes intervals in between.

Wazifa 2:

(1) Begin with reciting the Durood Shareef 11 times.
(2) Then recite, Surah Fateha Shareef 40 times.
(3) Recite Durood Shareef again.
(4) After you are done reciting, blow it on a cup of water or a bottle of water.
(5) Then sprinkle the water on the patient.
(6) You have to make sure the water doesn’t fell or come in contact with the ground.
By the grace of Allah, it will work and the patient will feel better.
These are the wazaif we have for you today. Like stated above, just have a firm faith when following these wazaif and they will surely work.
We will come back soon with more wazaif for you. Until then, share these wazaif as it is Sadqah e Jariah and will benefit you even after death.

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