How to control bp immediately|Dua for shifa

How to control bp immediately|Dua for shifa

Salaam Brothers and Sisters,

Looking for How to control bp? In this article, we are going to learn a dua through which we can control our blood pressure. This Dua is not just for blood pressure control but it is for shifa as a whole, yes my brothers and sisters this dua can be supplicated for any illness and disease but faith in Allah is necessary. In this article, I will also teach you an invocation through which you can attain blessings and also control your blood pressure. Before I mention the Dua I would like to mention a few methods through which you can control your blood pressure.

How to raise low blood pressure

1: Eat a diet high in salt

2: Exercise regularly to promote blood flow

3: if laying down or sitting down ensure you get up slowly, sudden movements can lower your blood pressure.

4: Before standing or sitting pump your feet and ankles to get the blood circulating

5: Avoid standing in the same position for long periods of time

How to lower high blood pressure

1: Eat a healthy diet with reduced sodium

2: Exercise on a regular basis

3: Watch your waistline and lose extra pounds for it is known as weight increases blood pressure also increases

Dua for shifa

My respected brothers and sisters this dua that i am going to mention to you is a very powerful and effective dua through which inshaAllah you will gain cure from all illnesses and diseases. If you cannot remember the dua then you can write it down or even read it from here.

Aisha May Allah be pleased with her narrates that whenever someone ill visited Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him or Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him visited someone ill he would say the following Dua.

Azhi Bil Ba’sa Rabban Naas washfi’ Anta Shaafi Laa Shifaa A Illa Shifaa oka Shifaa An La YoGhaadiru Sa Ka Man

dua e shifa

Translation of dua e shifa

“Remove this illness Oh Lord of the people, Grant cure for cure comes from you, there is no cure but your cure, grant such a cure that leaves no disease.

Supplicate this dua whenever you are feeling ill and Insha’Allah by the mercy of Allah you will attain shifa. Also, recite this dua when you go to meet someone ill and don’t forget that I’yadat (visiting the ill) is a blessed Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

Dua for high and low blood pressure

My brothers and sisters if you suffer from blood pressure be it low or high then invoke the following invocation Arnd see the benefits.

Invoke the blessed attribute of Allah “Yaa Kabeeru” 9 times, blow into a glass of water and then drink the water. Do this every day at least once at any time of the day.

how to control bp

Brothers and sisters if you act upon the above mentioned Insha’Allah you will find relief from bad health.

I pray Allah keeps us all fit and healthy Ameen!

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