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How To Cure Back Pain Fast At Home

A large number of us are burdened with everyday tensions and issues constantly. This leads to us having a bad routine for sleeping, eating and praying. These tensions in all our routines cause us a lot of problems that are related to mental health and physical health. One of the biggest issues caused by these is the physical health issue of back pain. Back pain caused by stress and tension and routine irregularities is often known to plague not only adults but also youngsters.

In this Wazifa we will tell you how to relieve yourself of back pain in the easiest religious way possible, by the Grace of Allah the Almighty. If you really want to know How To Cure Back Pain, you should really remain patient and be steadfast. Believe in Allah, Who has given us everything we own and all our patients and good health and Who will give us everything in the future. By the grace of Almighty and by the wazaif we are going to explain today, hopefully, you will be able to relieve yourself of back pain.

How To Get Rid Of Back Pain

    • Exercises to get muscles moving, such as a short walk, stretching, yoga, water exercises and other low impact activity that warms up the muscles.
    • Use heat and cold, such as ice packs for strained muscles or directly after injuries, and, heating pads for stiff and achy muscles
    • Apply Pain relief creams
    • Switch to flat shoes as heels can cause strain on the spine and lower back.
    • Fix your posture
    • Get more sleep as it alleviates mental stress which may e the root cause to your physical problems. One should get around 7 to 9 hours of sleep on comfortable pillows and mattresses
    • Manage and reduce your mental stress through actions such as deep breathing, Mindfulness meditation, guided imagery, yoga, and progressive muscle relaxation. Use of devices such as phones and computers should also be reduced.
    • Reduce and quit smoking.
    • Exercise your core as your core is what supports you.

  Wazifa To Get Rid Of Back Pain

Before we begin the procedure and explain you the wazifa plus steps to relieving back pain, there is one thing all of you really need to keep in mind. Every blessing or achievement or relief we are blessed with in our life is solely because of Allah. As Muslims, we must believe that whatever name of Allah we recite, shall bring betterment for us and nothing will be able to harm us. If we have a slight doubt about ourselves or whether the Wazifa is going to work or not, then it is better not to proceed any further as this will void your entire effort. Believing that the name of Allah is capable to solve any issue for us is a part of our faith and we must continue it stepping into the following procedure.

  • Recite the two names of Allah, “Ya Allah Hu” “Ya Hakeemo” After zuhr namaz 141 times.
  • One should recite prayer 5 times daily as the different prayer positions have a positive effect on our physical bodies and postures.
  • In this Wazifa, Strictness of namaz and Recitation of Quran are compulsory
  • Before and after this recitation we must recite Darud Sharif on our Holy Prophet at least 3 times. This should be done after zuhr namaz
  1. Recite Darud 3 times
  2. Recite “Ya Allah Hu” “Ya Hakeemo” 141 times
  3. Recite Darud 3 times
  • This amal should be repeated daily for guaranteed back pain relief.
how to cure back pain
How to cure back pain

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Timings to recite this Wazifa

  • Recite it after the prayer of Zuhr. The main focus should be to recite the Ayat with correct pronunciation and repetitions.
  • Coming to the time span, this Wazifa must be followed until you achieve your desired result.
  • Also, you should remain steadfast and must absolutely never indulge in any evil deeds what so ever. As a Muslim, it is an obligation for all of us brothers and sisters to not do any bad act, but, especially when you are following any Wazaif, you must remain pious. Avoid telling lies and indulge as much as you can into giving charity. Follow the above-mentioned instructions or steps and by the grace of Allah, you will achieve what you desire for. 
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