How to get rid of depression-Dua for depression

How to get rid of depression-Dua for depression

Salaam Brothers and Sisters.

In this article Insha’Allah, you will learn how to get rid of depression. We will share with you beautiful Dua for depression and anxiety. The Dua for depression and anxiety is very powerful and effective.

Depression problems

Depression is a major problem in the day and age that we are living in. Many of our family members and friends are suffering from depression. At times people try to hide away from this hardship but this is wrong. If you are facing a calamity you ought to seek help and guidance. Never be afraid to express yourself. Depression and anxiety usually make a person feel isolated and hopeless. DON’T let these feelings dominate you.

Symptoms of depression and anxiety

1: Having lost interest in things you used to love doing.

2: Not caring about your physical state.

3: Feeling tired most of the time.

4: Sleeping less or sleeping too much.

5: Eating issues.

6: Getting annoyed over small things.

Depression statistics

Did you know that every 40 seconds? 20 individuals or more attempt to commit suicide. And from those 20 at least 1 person succeeds in committing suicide. This itself shows the severity of depression. The leading cause of disability is due to depression. Many people become isolated in their own thoughts resulting in them lowering their self-esteem. My Brothers and Sisters DO NOT let depression dominate your lives. Did you know that more than 50 percent of cases linked to depression are left untreated? There are many more points that can be raised in regards to depression. But as being Muslims we need to help one another this is the way of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

How to get rid of depression

My Brothers And Sisters Recite This Powerful Dua To Overcome Depression.

Allah Humma Inni Abduka Ibnu Abdika Ibnu A Ma Tika Naasiyatin Bi Ya Dika Maadin Fiyya Hukmu Ka Adlun Fiyya Qadaa uka As Aluka Bi kul lismin Huwa Laka Sammay Ta Bihi Nafsaka Aw Anzalta Hu Fi Kitaabika Aw A’llam Ta Hu A Ha Dam Min Khalqika Awis Ta’thar Ta Fi I’lmil Ghaibi I’ndaka An Taj A’lal Quraana Rabi’eea Qalbi Wa Noora Sadri Wa Jalaa A Huznii Wa Zahaaba Hummi.

dua for depression

How To Recite Dua For Depression

My Brothers and Sisters recite this Dua after every Salah. And also send Darood Pak upon Prophet Muhammad peace and blessing be upon him before and after.  If you become habitual of reciting this dua. You will not need anti-depressants or anything as such. Be sincere to Allah and surely Allah will help you in overcoming depression and anxiety.Be punctual with Salah and do the dhikr of Allah. Insha’Allah you will find ease in your hardship of depression and anxiety.

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I make dua to Allah that you always remain happy. And safe from depression and hardship.


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