How to get Rid of Nightmares


Nightmare also called bad dreams. They leave a person in nervousness or grief. Simplicity definition of nightmare is a dream which evokes fear. Usually, dreamer wakes up to escape the threat which he or she saw in the dream. It’s a common thing seen in people after the nightmare or bad dream, they not able to sleep properly, even sometimes it causes daytime sorrow. The main problem starts when you start seeing bad dreams frequently. Constant nightmares put the very adverse effect on your healthiness. This is the cause of sleep disorders, you not able to get proper sleep. Once in a blue moon nightmare or bad dream is regular thing. The only problem start when you start getting constant nightmares.  

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“Which is the true nightmare, the horrific dream that you have in your sleep or the dissatisfied reality that awaits you when you awake?”

Night Nightmare

According to research done in England that found women have more nightmare than men. There are different reasons of this, women are emotionally week as compared to men. Women have more issues related to anxiety. Women don’t have strong nerves to tackle daily problems. The researcher said having bad dreams or nightmare can be a matter of observation. They also said the same dream is the terrifying nightmare for one and one the same time crazy dream for other.

How to get Rid of Nightmares

There are different ways to get rid of nightmares. Every person has his her own way of dealing it. If you are under stress you must have to consult with your friends.

If you have any trauma problem, and you start taking medicine that also is the cause of nightmare problem. In this case, you must have to consult with your doctor.

Some say if you over eat you had a nightmare. So stop over eating in late night. That will help you to come out of this problem.

The perfect way to come out of this problem is to start reciting wazifa which is mentioned in our video. Recite Ya Mutakabbir twenty-one time in a day and you will come out of this problem with the help of Al Mighty Allah. We recommend you to make a habit to recite it on daily basis.

Note: Please do remember us in your prayers while reciting this.

How to prevent nightmares

Ager app ko daroona khawab atya hain, or app ki zindgi en khawaboin ki waja sa baaizair ho gayi to, ya wazifa pharna start kr dain. Ya Mutakabbir 21 dafa rooz phara krain khuch din main he app kay ya masla haal ho jaiya ga.

Note: Humain bhi apni Duwoon main yaad rahkain.

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