How To Get Rid Of Stomach Gas

How To Get Rid Of Stomach Gas

The modern world in which we are living in is full of hustle, rush, and aggression.  Our lives are in actual, a race that each and every person on this planet is running in order to upgrade their living standards. Just like in the previous article, we covered and discussed how our lives can damage our health, in this one, we will cover our diet. A busy lifestyle and too much workload make us intolerant to the quality of the food we are consuming. In order to save time, we usually turn up to junk food or processed foods. This, no doubt, saves time, but, in the longer run, makes our digestive system useless. Today we will discuss, HOW TO GET RID OF STOMACH GAS.

Role Of Stomach In The Body 

. Sends signals and signs to the brain informing it about hunger.

. Holds and stores food.

. Contains enzymes and acid which aids in the process of digestion.

. The stomach and the acidic content inside it help to demolish the unwanted part or nutrients from the food. This includes bacteria, micro-organisms or other types of unneeded material.

. One of the most beneficial organs inside the body.

Causes Of Gas Or Upset Stomach

Gas in the stomach or acidity can be caused due to numerous factors. It can be direct aftermath of something improper we might have consumed or it may be because of any disease. Diseases such as Crohn’s diseases inflates the Gastrointestinal tract. Other causes which may lead to the upset stomach can be,

. Nausea

. Pain in the body

. Consuming something unhealthy

. Too much of caffeine

. Too much of sour food

. Cramps

. Increasing bowel movement in the body

Foods Which Help To Get Rid Of Stomach Gas

. Bananas

. Cheese

. Lean Meat

. Potatoes (Boiled)

. White rice

. Salty crackers

Dua For Acidity And Gas

. Begin with the recitation of Durood Shareef 1 time.

. Recite the beautiful name of Allah, “YA MUHAYEE” 7 times

how to get rid of stomach gas
how to get rid of stomach gas

. End with the recitation of Durood Pak 1 time.

. You can recite any Durood Paak you know better with proper pronunciation and order.

. After this, blow on your chest.

. You can also ask a friend or family to do this for you and blow on you.

. If you have not achieved comfort after doing this 1 time, then you can do it multiple times until you achieve Shifa (comfort).

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Lastly, we highly recommend you to share this wazifa with fellow Muslim sisters. Sickness and bad gut health is very common these days. Sharing this dua with others can help a lot of people get rid of the pain. This act is known as Sadqa e Jaria. Sadqa e Jaria is an act which benefits us not only in our life but, also after death. This sharing can help us take higher in the ranks of Allah. Therefore, make sharing dua’s a habit and notice how life will change positively.

                                               How To Get Rid Of Stomach Gas – Dua For Acidity And Gas

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