How to go to sleep fast

How to go to sleep fast|Wazifa to sleep fast

Salaam Brothers and Sisters,

Looking for how to go to sleep fast? In this article, we are going to be talking about sleeping. Sleeping is a major issue for many Brothers and Sisters, there are many factors as to why we find it hard to sleep but the common factors put ourselves to blame. Don’t worry in this article you will learn an invocation through which you will fall asleep fast Insha’Allah. Before I go on to the invocation I am going to mention a few of the factors as to why we actually find it difficult to sleep and I am sure many of us can relate to these reasons.

Causes of sleep disorders

Did you know we find it hard to sleep because of the lifestyle we have adopted, yes our lifestyle is to blame? Many of us stay awake late at night watching YouTube clips not realizing how much precious time is being consumed. It’s very true, we intend on watching one clip but that one clip leads onto 20+ clips. We also tend to spend a lot of time on social media just watching what others have uploaded, believe me, 99% of the content doesn’t even benefit us the slightest BUT we still like gazing away at unnecessary things. Brothers and Sisters, we are to blame for we choose our own lifestyle, many of the younger and older generations spend late nights out of the house in various different place such as shisha lounges, restaurants etc. resulting in them finding it hard to sleep EVEN when they want to.

Best time to go to sleep

Allah mentions in the Quran that the night has been made for sleep so that we can attain rest but unfortunately many of us pay no heed to this. In one blessed hadith, it has been reported by Ibn Masood may Allah be pleased with him, he says that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him forbade us from indulging in unnecessary talk after Isha prayer. My brothers and sister whatever our beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said was always full of wisdom but ONLY if we acted upon the Sunnah. If we adopt a life full of Sunnah we will not face such difficulties and if we sleep according to Sunnah we will fall a good night’s sleep instantly.

Dua how to go to sleep fast

Before going to sleep send Durood/salwaat upon Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him 3 times and then recite “Laa Ilaa Ha Illal Laa Hu”

how to go to sleep fast

9 times, after invoking the above mentioned 9 time send Durrod/salwat upon Prophet Muhammad 3 times once again. After you have completed the above blow over your body Insha’Allah you will fall asleep in no time.

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My respected Brothers and Sisters this invocation is very powerful and has been proven to be effective by many individuals.

Respected Brothers and Sisters remember that you have to make an effort yourself and you have to change a lifestyle that is proving to be useless to you, if you cannot change yourself then it is no good JUST relying on invocations. Remember whoever tries accomplishes.

May Allah keep us all happy Ameen ya Rab al A’laameen.



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