How to improve eyesight without glasses-Ya shakoor for eyesight

How to improve eyesight without glasses and surgery

Salaam Brothers and Sisters

We all at times suffer from weak vision and blurred vision but for some of us it is temporary but for a lot of us it is something that has caused havoc in our daily activities. The cost of laser eye surgery is surprisingly very expensive. And not all of us can actually afford to pay those amounts even though we feel the dire need to do so. In this comprehensive article, you will learn how to naturally and spiritually enhance your vision.

Ways to improve eyesight

Imam Shafi May Allah be pleased with him has mentioned some very powerful effective method through which we can naturally and spiritually strengthen our vision. I am going to mention a few of these methods.

01: An islamic way to improve eyesight

My brothers and sisters, if you are not habitual in facing the Qiblah then become habitual in facing the Qiblah for this, is one of the methods mentioned by Imam Shafi. Simply by adopting this habit, you can strengthen your eye sight.

02: How can i improve my eyesight with ithmid?

 Apply “ithmid”. For you who are wondering what “ithmid” is i will elaborate.  “Ithmid” is a type of kohl and its usage has been emphasized by the best of creation, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. In Bukhari, it has been narrated that Prophet Muhammad has said, “Use “ithmid” as kohl for this strengthens the eye sight and also makes the eyelashes long. SubhanAllah my brothers and sisters what an amazing method given to us. In essence, by doing this we are making ourselves look good, fulfilling the Sunnah and strengthening our vision.

03: improve eyesight naturally

Look at the greenery. Yes by looking at greenery we are naturally enhancing our vision. In relation to this, i would like to mention that Anas bin Maalik narrates that Prophet Muhammad’s peace and blessings upon him favorite color was green. SubhanAllah!

My brothers and sisters these were a few natural methods to improve our eyesight. Now you may be thinking what the spiritual method is!! That’s the most important method that we all want to use that’s probably why you are here. Continue reading and learning.

Ya shakoor wazifa for eyesight boost

This is a very simple but at the same time very effective and powerful invocation. All you have to do my brothers and sisters is invoke the blessed name of Allah ” ya shakooru” 41 times, after invoking this blessed name of Allah blow into some water and then rub the water onto your eyes.

ya shakoor for eyesight

SubhanAllah that’s all you have to do. Don’t forget to send Durood upon Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings upon him before and after. Become habitual of doing this and just watch in amazement how Allah grants you strengthened vision.

My brothers and sisters sometimes the smallest things make the big differences. No need to go to the eye doctor or shall I say to the optician when you have Allah and his beloved Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings upon the best of creation.

I hope this article was useful to you. I make Dua that our Lord Allah make life full of happiness for me and you Ameen.


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