How To Improve Eyesight

How To Improve EyeSight

How To Improve Eyesight, The following article is about improving your eyesight and all other factors associated with it. Similar to our normal trend, we will cover this topic under the light of Islam and will guide you How To Improve Your Eyesight by Wazaif and Islamic remedies.

What causes bad eyesight?

Normally people associate weak eyesight with the excess of television or mobile usage. However, there is far more to it. Any disturbance on the retina such as Macular Degeneration or indirect diseases such as Diabetic Retinopathy can have an effect on lowering eyesight. This problem can also begin by birth, for example, the disease of Amblyopia results in less development of vision and visual system since birth early ages of the child.

Foods Which Improve Eyesight

Natural sources of diet always carry benefit of some form or the other. Whatever food is natural, means created by the Almighty can never be harmful. When talking with context to eyesight, foods such as,

. Spinach

. Corn

. Broccoli

. Papaya

. Egg Yolks

can really benefit your eyesight over a gradual period of time.

How To Improve Eyesight through Wazifa

The following procedure is very easy to follow and will only require a couple of minutes out of your day to complete it. If you follow the wazifa consistently, by the grace of Allah, not only will your vision improve, but, your heart and soul will also be purified.

. Begin by reciting the ever beautiful, Durood Shareef 3 times.

. Recite the following wazifa, “YA-BASEERU” every Friday after Friday prayer 100 times.

how to improve eyesight
how to improve eyesight

. End the procedure by reciting Durood Shareef 3 times again.

. You can recite any Durood-e-Pak according to your wish.

. If you correctly know Durood-e-Ibrahimi with correct pronunciation and correct wordings then you can recite that also.

Let me remind you once again that this Wazifa or procedure needs to be completed once in every week after every Friday prayer. This is a really virtuous wazifa and has done wonders for a lot of people in the past.

Hopefully, by the Rehmat and blessings of Allah pak, your eyesight will be improved significantly and not only this but, your heart will also be filled Nur.

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A simple word of advice for this Wazifa

Reciting Wazifas and following Islamic remedies to bring better changes in your life is for sure very worthy. As Muslims, we must believe that reciting the words of the Holy Quran or phrases or teachings of the Ahadith will bring positive changes into our lives. However, another practice which we must observe as Muslims should be to spread what we learn. This is known as Sadqah-e-Jariah. If we have learned something which promises to bring betterment to our lives, then we must share it with our fellow Muslim brothers. Spreading the word of Allah, which also benefits others will bring blessings (sawaab) for us as well.

Therefore, we must make this a common practice that whatever good we learn, we distribute the knowledge amongst others. This will not only improve our relations inside the community but, also make us a source of introducing a better change in their lives.

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