How to improve memory-Prayer for students

How to improve memory- How to memorize quickly

Salam my brothers and sisters,

Today we will share with you how to improve memory. And how to memorize quickly. Many of us complain about poor memory and not being able to remember things. We read books but don’t remember. We meet new people but easily forget their names. Our children also suffer from memory loss due to which they find it hard to remember things. In Sha Allah in this article, you will learn 2 powerful wazaif for how to increase your and your children memory. With the mercy of Allah, your memory will become powerful. And your brain power will boost.

Short-term memory and long-term memory

Allah created all human beings with different qualities and traits some have been given good memories and huge intellects whereas others have equally unique qualities in different fields. Having weak memory is not a defect it is natural. The question is, so how do we actually strengthen our memory? In Sha Allah keep reading and learning.

Method 1: How to improve memory power

In order to achieve strong memory after every fard salah. Place your right hand on your forehead. And recite the attribute of Allah. Ya Qawiyyu 11 times. By doing this In Sha Allah with the mercy of Allah you will be blessed with an increase in memory.

ya qawiyyu for memory

Ya qawiyyu meaning

Qawiyyu is the name/ attribute of Allah. Which means the most strong the most powerful.

Method 2: How to improve memory and concentration while studying

In the morning after praying Fajr prayer. Recite surah Alam nashrah 3 to improve memoryAnd then blow into a glass of water and drink the water.  Be habitual of doing this practice in the morning after fajr and reap the benefits. This method will surely make your memory powerful.

how to increase the memory power of a child

The second Qurani Wazifa can be read on behalf of your children. After the completion of this qurani wazifa blow into the water. And give it to your children for them to drink. In Sha Allah with the mercy of Allah, your children’s memory will be improved. They will be able to memorize everything quickly.

Prayer for students

Now we are going to teach you best way to study for exams. Also you can say best prayer for college students. Before reading books and everything just recite this prayer once. Allahummaftah Alaina hikmataka wanshur Alaina rahmataka ya zaljalali wal ikraam.prayer for students

Also before and after the completion send salawaat (Durood Shareef) upon Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him One Time. In Sha Allah you will remember what you read.


Memory loss cause and foods for memory

 if you want an increase in memory. And you want your memory to be strong and firm then it’s essential that you stay away from sins for sins weaken your memory immensely. Also, eat brain foods. Such as almonds, raisins, and honey.  Honey has been referred to as one of the best medications by our prophet Muhammad peace and blessings upon. And is very beneficial for memory increase.


Please remember us in your prayers.


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