How to increase the beauty of face

How to increase the beauty of face | Wazifa for beautiful face

Welcome back to Knowledge Power. Our today’s topic is How to increase the beauty of the face. These days, beauty is everything. Beauty is not encompassed within a certain circle of traits, however, we do know the general basis of the attribute that is widely preferred by the population. It is important to look your best. Everyone knows this. However, it is also important to consider that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. If an individual is a content with their looks they automatically radiate positivity, which is the most attractive of all attributes.


How to increase the beauty of face

What is the difference between fair skin and dull skin?

A lot of people don’t know the difference between fair skin and dull skin. It isn’t necessary for an individual to have light-colored skin to be perfect; even they can possess dull skin accompanying their fairness. It isn’t necessary for fair skin to only be considered pale or white, dark-skinned individuals or individuals with either yellow, brown, khaki, or almond or olive undertones also possess beautiful radiant skin which is considered fair.

Dull skin is basically skin that has lost its glow and appeal, it isn’t soft to the touch or bouncy with collagen, it often has spots due to being worn down by either a person’s habits or the environment. Dull skin doesn’t possess the same radiance as fair skin and looks lackluster and flat compared to fair skin which looks youthful glowing and healthy.

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Why do we get tanned or our skin gets dull?

When your skin isn’t protected by either sunscreen or clothes and gets too much sun, it often tans or gets burned. Our body makes a thing called melanin in our body to protect the deeper layers of our skin. It’s what gives us our skin color; more melanin means a darker skin color. When our skin gets excessively damaged by sun rays our body makes more melanin to protect it. This, in turn, causes tanning. Prolonged exposure to sun rays can eventually lead to wrinkling.

Dull skin is caused by numerous factors such as:

  1. As skin matures, its ability to renew surface cells simply slows down, causing a build-up of dead cells on the surface. Thus, the natural pink tone is hidden, and one’s complexion becomes dull, losing its natural rosy tone of youth.
  2. When the air is dry it leaves you with dry skin which is dull.
  3. Stress also has the same dull effect on one’s skin.
  4. Another way to attract dullness is skipping moisturizer and not exfoliating your skin, accompanied by the habit of not removing your makeup.
  5. However, the most common mistake is incurring a lack of sleep.

Can darker complexion be changed to fairer complexion?

Changing one’s complexion completely can be a tricky thing to do. However, it can be improved with ease. Ancient Indian royalty often bathed in rose petals and pure milk to obtain a great complexion. Countless women drink believes in turmeric milk and saffron to obtain flawless skin. However, with rapid advancements in medicine and technology, today, women have professional help at the tip of their fingers to brighten their complexion.

  • Detoxifying your system and flushing out toxins can lead to a positive impact on your skin which includes, rejuvenating it and giving it a brighter more youthful look.
  • Having a proper skincare routine is the most effective way to reduce dead skin cell build-up, and allows you to moisturize your skin and take care of it properly. This also helps eventually get rid of dark spots and problematic acne.
  • Whitening facials are a shortcut to obtaining fair skin; however one must continue getting them.
  • Anti-blemish and spot treatment creams along with chemical peels are also a great way to speed up your journey towards your ideal skin.
  • However, the best way to obtain long-lasting radiant changes in skin tone is to make positive lifestyle changes.

Wazifa for beautiful face: 

When you are offering 2 Rakat Sunnat e mu’akda, after reciting Surah e Fateha, recite Surah Alam Nashra. In the second Rakat, after Surah Fateha, recite Surah Feel.

This applies to people who are regular at 5 times prayer. However, if you are not a regular namazi (prayer offered) then you must intend to be one before starting this procedure.

Furthermore, before you begin this you must make an intention. We are giving you a template of what the intention must sound like and you can change it to your own words. The intention goes like, “O Allah, make this amal beneficial for me and remove all the marks from my skin and make it clear. Not only this, but, make my heart clear as well so that I can be more humble to people, and serve mankind better.”

Now if you are wondering that when do we recite Sunnat e Mu’akda, we will make it clear to you. Sunnat e Mu’akda is present in all the prayers except Asr prayer.

Furthermore, we have another wazifa for you as well.

The procedure is very simple. You have to recite Durood e Ibrahimi after every prayer. Then blow it on your palm and rub your palms over your face. This will make your skin glow as well.

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This is how to increase the beauty of the face. Share this wazifa as sharing these will count as Sadqah e Jariah which will not only benefit you but, us as well.


how to have a beautiful face – How to increase the beauty of face


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