How to increase your height

How to Increase your Height

Height nowadays is a major problem for the people. They face a lot of difficulties because of their height. For being short many people make fun of us. Many girls face major problems because of their short height as the boys don’t want to marry the girl and for what reason? Just because she is short. A short height brings in lots of hate not from the community, but, even from the family within. In this article, we will explain fully HOW TO INCREASE YOUR HEIGHT and will provide you with a trusted and very powerful Wazifa to your aid.

Reasons for Stunted Growth

A growth delay occurs when a child is not growing at the normal rate of their growing and if you suspect that your child isn’t growing and is shorter than other children his or her age than you should go to the doctor and check if there is any health issue.

There are many reasons due to which the growth of child stops. If a child is short and their family members or parents are also short then it is normal for the child to be growing slowly. Children with this condition are shorter but actually are growing at the normal and it is not because of some health issue but it is because of their bones which are not mature.

Diet can also play a major role in someone being short heighted. If children don’t get sufficient nutrients at a young age, there are chances that there growth can be stunted. This is because body is not getting the nutrients it needs to continue the growth process in the body.

If a child is used for heavy labor and is forced to pick heavy loads at a very young age, there are chances that his growth may be stunted. This is because any load picked up over the shoulders puts excessive force on the spine and compresses it.

Diet to Increase Height

Short height is a major problem and if you are worried that your child is not growing fast enough there are some dietary options to increase height.

Proteins : One of the most important dietary factors which helps the child in growing faster is proteins. Very essential for the human growth especially for children, proteins are very important.

Vitamins : Vitamins are also important, there are different types of vitamins all are essential in their own way but vitamin D is the most important vitamin that helps in the growth of bones and height.

And just like these two there are many others but always remember natural foods are the most important in a child’s diet. Parents should their children with natural foods. Junk food must be avoided as much as possible as they contain bad hormones which may contribute in slower growth of the kid.

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Wazifa to Increase Height

  • Take a half glass of water.
  • Recite DUROOD-E-IBRAHIMI 1 time.
durood ibrahim
durood ibrahim
surah yusuf ayat 1 for height
surah yusuf ayat 1 for height
  • If you cannot recite this SURAH you can ask someone to recite it for you.
  • After this, recite the following verse, ” AR-RAHEEMU AR-RAHEEMU AR-RAHEEM YA ALLAHU YA MUREED” 1 time.
how to increase your height
how to increase your height
  • Then recite Durood e Ibrahimi once again
  • Follow this procedure 1 time in the morning and 1 time in the evening.
  • In the end, blow on glass of water and drink it.
  • Follow this procedure daily and make sure you drink water in sufficient light. Drinking water in dark is against Sunnat.

In case you don’t know what morning and evening properly means, then will make it clear to you. From late night till noon or before the Zuhr prayer is morning time. From Zuhr until before Maghrib is evening time.

When following this wazifa, make sure you stay away from major sins. Be pious and indulge into good activities. Offer prayer 5 times a day. However, the most important aspect in doing any wazifa is to have blind trust and faith on Allah. When you drink this water, have a firm faith that drinking it will increase your height and the words of Allah will cure your problem.

Also, share this with your fellows or family members as doing good or sharing good with others brings good for us as well.

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