How To Open Third Eye – Wazifa For Opening Your Third Eye

How To Open Third Eye

How To Open Third Eye, The following article is about a much requested and fascinating topic amongst the Muslim Community (Ummah). We are going to provide you with the right Wazifa and correct steps to perform it for opening the third eye also known as revealing secrets. This is not a difficult process, but, requires great discipline and regularity.


The following steps are very easy to follow and require minimal effort. This wazifa will surely be helpful in revealing the hidden truth to the fellow Muslim brother or sister. Whoever wants to perform or recite the following Wazifa shall look for a calm comfortable spot and sit there. Being in a state of cleanliness and much preferably, Wudu, the person starts,

. Begin first by reciting the extremely graceful verse, Durood Shareef 3 times. It is always beneficial to start every Wazifa with Durood Shareef as it welcomes more blessings and good deeds on our way.

. Then recite “YA-KHABEERU”

The following word shall be recited 313 times with correct pronunciation and little haste. However, this is not a one-time act and needs to be done consistently for 7 days straight.

(I will make the step clear to you once again in simple words. Recite “YA-KHABEERU” 313 times daily for 7 days.)

The following activities will surely bring down blessings from Almighty Allah, and by the grace of Him, hidden truths and secrets shall start appearing in front of you within the 7 days.

. After reciting 313, end the procedure by reciting the beautiful, Durood Shareef 3 times.

. If you know how to recite Durood – e – Ibrahimi properly then you must recite that instead of Durood Shareef.


The key factor in completing this Wazifa is consistency. As mentioned before, consistency is must if you want to obtain the right benefit from this wazifa. Without daily recitation (for 7 days) this wazifa will bring no benefit. Just, for instance, you miss one of your days out of 7 days, you will have to start all over again. There is no alternative for consistency in this Wazifa and maintaining it is very crucial. However, if you have missed any of your days and do not wish to start all over again and take a break, then don’t worry as stopping this Wazifa in the middle shall bring no harm whatsoever. Our best advice is still to complete a Wazifa once you have started it. Another thing to keep in mind is that silence must be maintained while reciting the Wazifa. Talking in between shall make this Wazifa void. Also, avoid indulging into bad deeds during the 7 days period as this can weaken the effect this act produces. Try doing as many good deeds as possible such as taking care of needy, speaking truth and giving charity. However, as a Muslim, we must intend to never do any bad deed intentionally, but, avoid to commit sins at all cost when you are completing this Wazifa.


There is no specific time to perform this Wazifa, however, our advice is to assign a similar period of time for the following Wazifa for 7 days. In this way, it will be easier for you to maintain regularity and therefore, you can complete the entire process easily. There is no specific obligation with respect to the timings of this procedure neither there are any fixed instructions with respect to the places you are reciting the Wazifa in. Males can perform it inside masjid while females can recite it inside the comfort of their homes. Just ensure that the place you are residing in is tidy and clean according to Islamic values.

After the 7 days or within the 7 days, the hidden truth shall be revealed to you and by the grace of Allah, you shall be successful in what you are looking for.

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