How To Own A House

How To Own A House

How To Own A House, Getting a house of your own is a lifetime achievement and is one of the main life goals for a lot of people. Sure, every one of us has some place to spend our lives in, but, the feeling of owning our own house is different. In this article, we will guide you to achieving your new home blessing through Islamic principles.

If you really want to know How To Own A House, you should really remain patient and be steadfast. Believe in Allah. who has given us everything we own and who will give us everything in the future. By the grace of Almighty and by the wazaif we are going to explain today, hopefully, you will get closer to your new and your own home.

Wazaif to Own Your House

Before we begin the procedure and explain you the wazifa plus steps to owning your house, there is one thing you really need to keep in mind. Every blessing or achievement we get in our life is solely because of Allah. As Muslims, we must believe that whatever name of Allah we recite, shall bring betterment for us and nothing us. If we have a slight doubt about our self or whether the Wazifa is going to work or not, then it is better not to proceed further as this will void your entire effort. Believing that the name of Allah is capable to solve any issue for us is a part of our faith and we must continue it stepping into the following procedure.

. Begin by reciting the gracious and full of blessings, Durood Shareef, 3 times.

. Recite the following Ayah, “Walaqad Makkannakum Fill Ardi Waja Al Na La Kum Feeha Ma’ayish Kaleelan Ma Tashkurun” (Surah Araf, Ayat 10)

how to own a house
how to own a house

. If you don’t know the ayat by heart, then you can simply recite by reading it. Learning it is not an obligation.

. Recite the above Ayat daily 151 times.

. End the procedure by reciting Durood-e-Pak 3 times.

. You can recite any of the Durood-e-Pak you have memorized better.

. If you know Durood-e-Ibrahimi by heart and with correct pronunciation, then you can recite that too instead.

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Timings to recite this Wazifa

There are no fixed timings to complete this Wazifa and you can recite it according to your comfort level. If it’s easier for you to recite it after the prayer of Fajr, then you can recite after Fajr or if you wish to recite it after Isha, you can opt for that. The main focus should be to recite the Ayat with correct pronunciation and repetitions.

Coming to the time span, this Wazifa must be followed until you achieve your desired result.

Also, you should remain steadfast and must not indulge in evil deeds. As a Muslim, it is an obligation to not to a bad act, but, especially when you are following any Wazaif, you must remain pious. Avoid telling lies and indulge as much as you can into giving charity. Follow the above-mentioned instructions or steps and by the grace of Allah, you will achieve what you desire for.

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