How To Prevent Hair Loss – Dua For Hair Loss – Causes Of Hair Fall

How To Prevent Hair Loss – Dua For Hair Loss

How To Prevent Hair Loss

Hair is extremely vital for the human body. It grows everywhere on the body except 2 places, the palms, and the hands. It is less known that hair is protein itself. It is made up of a protein called Keratin. There are the types of hair that we see on our body and also the type of hair we don’t see on our bodies. The ones being discussed today are head hair and HOW TO PREVENT HAIR LOSS.

Sure, the hair on our head is a sign of beauty. It is one of our main features when it comes to looks and aesthetics. However, they are far more than just beauty symbols. The hair on our head also provide us insulation from cold and keeps our head as well as brain warm at desired temperatures. Thicker hair can also protect our head if we get hit by something or simply just bump into something. Hair, for many people, is a matter of pride and regular trimming of hair is a must follow grooming routine for them.

There are many factors which can lead to the breakage or downfall of our hair. A few of them have been discussed below.

Causes Of Hair Fall

. Constant thinning of your hair

. Physical stress can also contribute to hair loss.  This includes any surgery you might have gone through. Accidents or even the severe flu can also contribute to hair fall.

. While lots of deficiencies play their part, too much of vitamins such as Vitamin A can also lead to hair fall.

. As mentioned above, hair is keratin protein. Therefore, lack of protein in the diet can make your hair start falling.

. Pregnancy.

. Emotional stress such as anxiety or depression. Thinking about something over and over again. Fear of something can also be included in this. Too much pressure on the brain can make your hair start to fell.

. Iron deficiency or blood deficiency can also play a part.

. Hair fall problem can also be inherited.

. An unhealthy thyroid gland

. Muscular weakness

. Unhealthy eating habits.

. Usage of anabolic steroids

. Simply, aging.

We can make a never-ending list of what factors can lead to hair loss. While not of all of them apply to every individual, these are the most common ones and the ones backed up by science. However, we have not dived into the scientific details of every aspect as this is not our main topic and we are here to discuss Islamic cure for hair loss.

How To Stop Balding

First, you need to have coconut oil. Quantity is not fixed, but, you have to recite the following kalima on it.

. Begin with the recitation of Durood Shareef 3 times.

. Then recite,




how to prevent hair loss
how to prevent hair loss

Recite the above-mentioned kalima 121 times.

. End the procedure with the recitation of Durood Shareef 3 times.

. After this, you have to blow on the oil and you can apply the oil on your hair.

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Timings And Duration Of Dua For Hair Loss

You have to follow the procedure for 11 days. Use the oil which has been blown on for 11 days consistently. After 11 days, by the grace of Almighty Allah, you will feel a difference and will notice visible improvements. If God forbid, you don’t feel any improvement in your hair fall situation, then you can follow the entire procedure for 11 days again.

You just have to stay steadfast and must not indulge in any bad deeds. Try to be regular on your prayers and must do good deeds.

Furthermore, please share this wazifa as much as you can. This is Sadqah-e-Jariah and will benefit you even after death.

Please Pray For Knowledge Power Team

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