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Today’s article is very interesting, we are going to learn, what does it mean when you dream about snakes? Interesting right. Many of us haven’t seen snakes let alone kill a snake but amazingly some of us see ourselves killing snakes in our dreams. Dreams about snakes my brothers and sisters are very interesting and useful to know because you never know you may even see such a dream.

Sunnah of going to sleep

While talking about dreams it’s also good to know about the Sunnah way of sleeping. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has said, before going to sleep do wudhu, recite the dua (Allah Humma Bi Ismika A’mootu Wa Ahya) and go to sleep on your right side. This, my brothers and sisters, is the prophetic method of going to sleep. Adopt this method and see beautiful dreams Insha’Allah!

sleeping dua

Snake dream meaning

The interpretation of seeing a snake in your dream depends on how and where you see the snake, below I will mention the different scenarios.

1: Seeing a snake on its own

If you happen to only see a snake on its own then this means someone will have enmity and animosity for you. This can be anyone as seeing a snake on its own and in no specific space shows that anyone can occur as an enemy.

2: Seeing a snake in your house

If you see a snake in your house this means someone from your household will become an enemy and will have some sort of animosity for you. Note brothers and sisters this doesn’t mean you begin thinking negative of your relatives rather you should try and create a better relationship with your family.

3: Seeing a snake stinging you

If you see a snake stinging you in your dream this means that an enemy will cause you some harm and you will see some difficulties.

4: Seeing yourself killing a snake in the dream

If you see such a dream then you are lucky for the meaning of this dream is very beautiful. If you see yourself killing a snake this means that you will dominate your enemy and your difficulties will be lifted by the mercy of Allah.

My Brothers and Sisters note that dream interpretations are not 100% accurate so we should not rely on them rather there is only a possibility of the dreams going according to interpretation.

If you see a bad dream such a snake stinging you then you should make dua in the court of Allah and seek the protection of Allah. By doing this Insha’Allah you will be safe from the evil of the dream.


However, if you want to know more information about the snake dreaming meaning you can access brief any details of snake dream interpretation these continue reading.


What does a snake dream Meanings?

snake dream meaning

Depending on the dream interpretation, dreaming of elongated objects or animals may be related to a repressed or dissatisfied sexual impulse.

The phallic symbols are very recurrent in the theory of the famous psychoanalyst. 

However, it must bear in mind that this is one theory about the Meaning of dreaming about snakes.

Nowadays, to analyze these dreams, we also take into account the sensations we have when waking up and the personal factors that can influence the dream.

Viper Snake dream Meaning 

Viper Snake dream Meaning

The Meaning of dreaming of snakes may differ depending on the type of it. In this case, dream about vipers.

What does it mean to dream of vipers?

In Islamic dream interpretation of this type of snakes can be related to deceptions and disappointments.

Green Snake Dream Meaning 

Mostly people ask frequently what can it mean to dream of a green snake? 

Although it seems strange, the psychology of colours also plays an essential role in the interpretation of your dream.

A green snake is a symbol of change, of good fortune, and even personal maturation. 

When a color expresses in our dreams through the subconscious, it means that it is showing a hidden feeling through a particular hue.

Black Snake Dream Meaning

If you want to know what dreaming about snakes means, you should know that the Meaning of that dream will change according to the colour of the dream snake.

What does it mean to dream of black snakes? 

The black colour in dreams means that we are not paying attention to reason, that is to say, that we are not acting according to logical thinking, but rather that we work under the command of the most emotional part.


Due to this Meaning of black colour, and the phallic representation that snakes suppose, dreaming of black snakes can interpret as the temptation to maintain a relationship that would rationally not be adequate.


Small Snake dream Meaning 

small snake baby

The size of the animal can also vary the Meaning of dreaming of snakes. If the snakes are small, the interpretation is quite simple: the feeling that produces a little threat resembles this dream.

Dreaming of small snakes, then, is a sign that we have a little discomfort that prevents us from enjoying 100% of our life.

Dreaming of snake in the distance

When you dream of a snake that is far from you this is an augury that the dreamer is about to meet a person who, disguising himself as a kind and approachable person, will do him a lot of damage, so he must take care of those people you don’t know.

It’s a wrong time to start a relationship if you don’t know that other soul at all.

This dream can also attract tribulations and problems to the life of the sleeper, as it is a manifestation of obstacles, pain, and damage that approach you.

A dream that snakes are controlled

This type of dream is rare, but it does not mean that it cannot happen. 

The dream snakes control as if it were the Pied Piper of Hamelin speaks of the fact that the dreamer has high confidence in himself thanks to this, the problems do not affect him at all.

On the contrary, the sleeper is so capable that when he presents a problem, he turns it upside down and turns it into a benefit.

If one or more Snake dream Meaning

islamic dream interpretation

It is the Islamic dream interpretation that most people seek within this dream. 

If the snake bites you and you feel the pain, fear, and despair, then this is a prediction that soon the people around you will harm you and stab you in the back.

You may have problems with your friends, your family or your boss so that others will talk about you.

If instead, you dream that the snake bites you, but you feel that you do it as a way to find an antidote for the poison.

It does not bother you at all; then, this means that you can stand up against the evil tongues, because nothing can say of you that is true, and nobody can believe them.

Change shape Snake Dreaming Meaning  

This dream is an incentive for tribulations to arrive. 

This type of image represents the problems that the sleeper will go through shortly, but if he treats them with indifference, without letting him be affected, then he can rise victorious over them.

You should not let things affect you too much if you want to find a way to solve them.


Dream that snakes begin to attack each other

snake attack in dream

This dream means that in the life of the sleeper, many people want to harm him, but at the always same time, they do not get along with each other, so that attempts to harm become little more than fruitless.

We must, however, be aware of who these envious people are to face each other face to face.

This dream also speaks of the fact that the sleeper could begin to criticize and mistreat his friends.

If a woman dreams of several snakes

Within this dream, we talk about friendships and the people around the woman.

If she dreams of several snakes, then this implies that people around women are plotting and plotting against her to harm her.


You should pay special attention to your friends and loved ones to avoid being stable in the back.

Several snakes dream meaning 

When you have a dream involving several vipers, then you could be in the Islamic dream interpretation of the presence of an evil omen.

If within this dream the snakes go to you, then you are at a point where problems will get into your life not only in one area, but you will find them hard in all environments of your life.

If the snakes move away from you, then it is a good omen, because it means that everything wrong that could have happened today flees from you, since you have risen above the tribulations and obstacles and have overcome.



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