Istikhara For Marriage – How To Do Istikhara For Marriage

Istikhara For Marriage

Istikhara For Marriage

The following article is about deciding your future plans under the light of Islam. We are going to discuss the act of Istikhara For Marriage which basically means that a person decides his marriage decision putting into consideration Allah’s counsel. Istikhara is an act which is done in order to take better decisions and to avoid any sort of ill fortune in bigger or small matters. It is much encouraged to perform an Istikhara before taking even minor decisions and anyone can perform it.

Performing an Istikhara before finalizing the marriage and before the engagement (also known as mangni) of the intended couple is better. The right method to perform the Istikhara For Marriage is as follows;

How to do istikhara for marriage

. Think of the boy or girl you want to perform the Istikhara for.

. Focus carefully on their image building inside your brain and keep that image in your sight at all times.

. After the prayer of Isha, begin with reciting Durood Shareef 1 time then,

recite the beautiful name of Allah Almighty, “YA-ALEEMU” 111 times.

ya aleemu ka wazifa

. After that recite “SUBHANAKA LA IL MALANA ILLA MA ALAMTANA INNAKA  ANTAL ALEEMUL HAKEEM” (Surah Bakarah Ayat 32) 101 times.

istikhara for marriage

. Learning the Surah is not an obligation. If you cannot learn it or have not memorized it, you can recite by simply reading it.

. Then recite the beautiful name of Allah, “YA- ALEEMU” again 111 times.

ya aleemo benefits

. After you are done following the above-mentioned steps, finish by reciting Durood Shareef 1 time.

. After you are done doing all this, you have to still maintain the image of the girl and boy in your brain.

. Keeping their image into your thoughts you have to go to sleep. Hopefully, by the grace of Allah, you will watch a dream in which the better decision regarding the marriage will be displayed in front of you.

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Again, it is advisable to perform this Istikhara before finalizing any decision related to the future of the boy or girl. It is normally witnessed that a family decides the marriage decision at first and immediately performs the engagement ceremony. However, after the engagement, they realize that an Istikhara should have been performed first. When they do, God forbid, they get a negative response and that brings a world of tensions and fatigue for the entire family. In a local community, a broken relationship is considered bad for a girl’s or a family’s image and once a relationship or marriage process is broken in the middle, it is very hard to get another boy for the girl. Therefore, it is highly advisable to perform the Istikhara first. Even if you cannot do it yourself, you can take help of an elder or any other expert. However, we have broken down the entire procedure in easy and understandable words above. It is best to perform your Istikhara yourself as you can relate to your situation better after watching the dream. Always be careful to recite the verses properly and the act of Istikhara requires good focus and concentration. Once you do all this properly, you will complete the Istikhara yourself.


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