Marriage Dream Meaning-Marriage Dream Interpretation

Marriage dream meaning

Salaam Brothers and Sisters,

Today Insha’Allah in this article we are going to learn marriage dream interpretations. My brothers and sisters the marriage dream meaning is very interesting to know. In Islam Islamic dream interpretations are not simply based on only good however there is a chance that your dream can be bad but you will have to seek guidance.

Marriage dream interpretation

Marriage dream meaning has a lot of different angles to it so i will have to break it down for you in order for you to understand.

1st Angle: Non married sister or brother see themselves getting married. If a non-married brother or sister see such a dream then this can have 2 meanings.

1: The dream is merely just a reflection of his or her thoughts. If they are constantly thinking about marriage then this dream could basically mean nothing.

2: The dream is a sign from Allah that soon he or she will get married and nikah will be done.

dreaming of getting married again

My brothers and sisters, what is the meaning of a married brother or a married sister seeing such a dream? Read and learn and as for a married man, the dream will be different to a married woman!

1: If a married brother sees this dream the interpretation will be that. This brother is going to find comfort and ease from his family.

NOTE: The dream is not a sign of getting married again. And if you don’t have a good understanding with your wife it will be best not to tell her.

2: If a married sister sees this dream for her this is not a good sign. The meaning of this dream is that she will suffer loss from somebody, not necessarily her husband.

Give sadaqah and protect yourself

If a sister does see this dream she should not worry rather she should make dua in the court of Allah and give some sadaqah as it has been said by Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, “giving charity removes calamities“.

My brothers and sisters, if you see the dream and you want to know the meanings of your dreams then feel free to contact TheKnowledgePower team. We have experts who deal with interpretating dreams.

May Allah bless us all Ameen.

Khwab mein shadi dekhna ki tabeer

Assalm o Alaikum,

Khwab mein shadi dekhna bht hi aam khwab ha aur shayed ye mozo bht hi dilchasp to aye is hawale se jan lete hain.

Gair shadi shuda ka aisa khwab dekhna

Agr aisa mard ya aurat ye khwab dekhy jiski shadi ni hoi to isky 2 mtlab hain.

1: aisa khwab aisa inki din bhr ki sochon ka natija hota ha q k jin logon ki shadi ni hoi hoti wo shadi k hawaly se sochty ya preshan rehty aur wohi chezain unko khwab mein nazr ajati.

2: Is khwab ki dosri tabeer bht hi achi ha. Aisa khawab dekhne wale ko khush ho jana chahye k ye Allah pak ki traf se ishara hota iski jald shadi hone ka ab khwab dekhny wala lrka ho ya lrki.

Shadi shuda ka khawab mein shadi dekhna

Is khawab ki bhi 2 soratain hain ya to mard aisa khwab dekhy gay a phr aurat.

1: Agr mard khwab mein dosri shadi dekhta ha to iski tabeer bht hi zabardst ha aisy insaan ko apne khandaan ki trf se sukoon mile ga.

2: Agr shadi shuda aurat khab mein shadi dekhain to ye iske haq mein bhter nhi ha q k isko kisi insan ki trf se nuqsan pohnchny wala ha. Kya ap preshan ho gi? Bilkul b preshan ni hona bus ap ne Allah pak ki bargah mein dua krni ha. Aur zayada se zayada sadaqa dena ha. Jitna ap asani se de skti. In Sha Allah apko kisi qisam ka nuqsan ni pohnchy ga.


Allah Pak Humain Her Ane Wali Museebat Se Mehfooz Frmae Ameen!

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