Meaning of dreams in islam-Islamic dream interpretation

Meaning of dreams in Islam

Salaam Brothers and Sister,

In this article, you are going to learn the different types of dreams. And the meaning of dreams in Islam. Yes, my brothers and sister, there isn’t just one type of dream. If not all of us surely many of us see dreams and dream interpretations is a very interesting topic that many of us want to know about regardless whether or not we have seen that specific dream. You might be thinking “when are you going to mention the types???” Keep reading and learning!

3 types of dreams and meaning of dreams in Islam

1: Ru’ya, this is a dream that comes from Allah. In such a dream we see signs from Allah. Usually, this type of dream is linked with nature such as seeing mountains, skies, oceans, trees etc. Note my brothers and sisters they reality of dreams is only known by Allah and whom he wants to inform so we should be very careful in telling our dreams. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has said that you should only tell your dreams to people you trust.

2: adghaaf ul Ahlaam, this is a type of dream that reflects our thoughts. For example, we are constantly thinking about wealth and being rich, when we go to sleep we see ourselves rich, this is merely a reflection of our thoughts BUT this is not always the case. Specific dreams can be interpretated by those with knowledge.

3: Al hulom, this is a dream from Shaytaan in which Shaytaan is trying to trick you and take you away from deen.

How to stop bad dreams and nightmares

My brothers and sisters if you see this type of dream then do as Prophet Muhammad has told us to do. What is this?? Prophet Muhammad has said “if you see a frightening dream then you should blow 3 times on your left shoulder and seek refuge in Allah from the evil of the dream. Insha’Allah if you do this you will be saved from its evil.

My respected brothers and sisters, mentioned were the different types of dreams. Always ask those with knowledge in regards to the meanings of your dreams.

Dreams and their meanings

My brothers and sisters in Islam dreams have different meanings, we shouldn’t tell people who will give negative meanings of our dreams. Not everyone understands the interpretation of dreams it is important for us to ask those who have the knowledge about Islamic dreams. Contact the knowledge power team if you need help interpreting your dreams. And you want to know dream meanings.

We ask Allah to grant us all immense blessings and happiness. Ameen.

Brothers and sisters if you want to learn more about the meaning of dreams in Islam so stayed tuned into our website. Thanks!

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Khawabon ki tabeer in urdu

Salaam dosto khwab aik aisi chez ha jo her insaan ka sath munsalik ha. Aur har dosra insan khwabon ki tabeer janana chahta aur isky lye mukhtalif khawab nama aur logon se rabita krta. To aj ke is article mein hum apko btain gy khwab ki aqsaam aur inka kya mtlab hota islam mein to ap ne is article ko mukamal prh lena ha.

Khabo ki 3 aqsaam

1:khwab ki phli qisam ro’ khwab Allah pak ki trf se hote jisme humain mukhtalif chezain nazar ati jaisy asman,zameen aur samunder wagaira. Aur aisy khwabon mein humain Allah pak ki trf se koi na koi ishara milta ha. Jisko humain smjhny ki zroorat hoti.

2: adghaaf ul Ahlaam, Aisy khwabon ka ana asal mein hamari sochon ka hi humain nazar ana hota ha. Jaisa ke hum din bhr mein jis chez ke bary mein zayada sochty hain woi chezain humain khwab mein nazar ati hain.

3: : Al hulom, Dosto ye khwab shaitan ki trf se hoty. In khwabon ke zarye shaitaan humain deen se door krna chahta. Aur ye khwab buri chezon py mushtamil hoty. To jb bhi apko aisy khwab ain to apne ulty kandhy ki trf 3 bar thook dia krain. Allah pak ke kram se aisy gandy khwabon se hamari hifazat ho gi.

Khwabon ka matlab kis se pochin?

Dosto apne khwab hr kisi ko nhi btane chahye. Aur bilkhasoos aisy logon ko to kbi b na btain jo galt tabeer byaan krain. Q k khwab ki jo phli tabeer byaan kr di jae woi uski tabeer bn jati.hamesha apny khwab ya to khwab nama mein check krain. Ya phr kisi achy alim e deen se pochain.

Humain Bhi Apni Duaon Mein Yaad Rakhin!

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