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If you are a regular visitor on our website, then you must be aware of the normal day problems (and their solutions) we are covering nowadays. Our busy lives have forced us to indulge in unhealthy habits. This counts consumption of unhealthy food on regular basis. In other cases, people use drugs in order to keep themselves active and keep moving. Such remedies are unreliable and in the longer run, damage our bodies from within. Such example of a common disease which rises due to our unhealthy habits is piles. In today’s article, we will tell you PILES TREATMENT AT HOME.


Hemorrhoids are also known as Piles. In this disease, blood vessels inside the rectum or anus area get enlarged. Many people don’t realize that they have Hemorrhoids. The veins around the anus and rectum get stretched under pressure and this is the basic concept of piles. This is a quite common disease and it is estimated that out of 4 people, 3 have piles. This can be a very discomforting disease as it usually causes itchiness, discomfort, and bleeding. Besides from this, it is also considered to be very embarrassing and the majority of people who contain this usually avoid talking about it. This can, however, lead to so much other health problems on a larger scale.


. Pain

. Swelling in the area of the anus

. Lumps in the area of the anus

. Bleeding during bowel movements

. Itching in the area of the anus

Hemorrhoids are also of different types.

(i) Internal hemorrhoids: Located inside the rectum. Causes discomfort when passing stool.

(ii) External hemorrhoids: Located under the skin of the anus. Can cause bleeding and itching.

(iii) Thrombosed hemorrhoids: Severe pain, inflammation, swelling and lumps near your anus.


. Anal intercourse

. Low fiber diet

. Obesity

. Constipation

. Chronic diarrhea

. Feeling of strain during bowel movements inside the body

. Aging (With time, muscles and tissues can get weaker. This causes muscles around the anus to stretch and weaken)

. Pregnancy (The weight of the baby can put pressure on the anal region)

There are also some complications associated with Hemorrhoids.

.  Too much blood loss from piles can cause a shortage of healthy red blood cells in the body. This causes anemia. This is also an indirect cause of lack of oxygen in the body.


. Exercise regularly. This will help you stay away from constipation. It will keep your blood pressure normal. It will obviously help you get rid of extra weight and fat.

. Drink plenty of water.

. Increase the amount of Fiber in your diet.

. Do Not delay going to the toilet.

. Do Not sit in the toilet for longer periods of time

. Use a wet tissue instead of a dry tissue after using the toilet

. Eat foods which produce blood in the body.

. Pat the area around your bottom instead of rubbing it


The only thing mandatory when following this or when following any Wazifa is to have a firm belief that the words of Allah are filled with blessings. You should not be doubtful when doing any Wazifa that whether it will work or not. As a Muslim, it is an obligation for us to believe in Allah no matter what circumstances. With that being said, the following procedure, when followed correctly will also provide comfort and better health to anyone who follows it.

. Make an intention for 2 rakat nafl prayer.

. Make an intention, “I hereby am going to offer 2 nafil prayers for the treatment for my piles’ problem. Oh Allah, grant me health” You can say this in your own words.

. Recite Sana in the first rakah. After Surah Fatiha, recite SURAH ALAM NASHRAH.

quranic verse for piles
quranic verse for piles

Then go into the ruku and complete the rakah in the normal way.

. In the second rakat, after Surah Fatiha, recite SURAH FEEL. 

surah feel
surah feel

Then complete the second rakat.

. After the completion of the 2 nafal you have to recite a wazifa.

. Begin with the recitation of Durood Shareef 1 time.


piles treatment at home
piles treatment at home

. End the procedure with Durood Shareef 1 time.

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This is a very powerful, tried and trusted remedy. Please share what you hear from us with fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. Wanting the best for others is also part of strong faith and it has been emphasized many times to help others. Sharing such wazaif with others make their life easier and in return, we get blessed too. This is Sadaqah-e-Jariah and it benefits us even after death.

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