Prayer for buying a home-How to buy a house with no money

Prayer for buying a home-How to buy a house with no money

Salaam Brothers and Sisters

Insha’Allah you are going to learn a powerful, effective invocation through which Insha’Allah you will be able to buy a house even if you think you have no money.  The reason why I say this because people seem to think that because they do not have a high paid job they cannot buy a house. My respected Brothers and Sisters, the prayer for a new house is so effective that no matter what situation you are in Allah will make a means for you. Allah is Al Qaadir, the most powerful, Ar Razzaq, the Sustainer. Our sustenance is up to Allah NOT our employers, the attributes of Allah have no limits so why do we think that buying a house is a difficult task.

Can I buy a house?

In the Qur’an Allah says, “I provide to whosoever I wish without accountability” From this verse, it is evident that Allah chooses who to give more or less two, which is understandable, because, as muslimes we are to be of the thought that if my Rab Allah WANTS me to buy a house then I will definitely get one.


The following invocation that I am going to mention is not just for buying a house, in actual fact, this invocation is for the fulfillment of every need and want. YES, MY BROTHERS  & SISTERS! Anything that is permissible and within the boundaries of deen Allah will fulfill Insha’Allah. Make sure you have firm faith in Allah.

What is the prayer for new home?

The invocation is very simple and effective. Simply recite the “YAA ALLAHU, YAA RAHMAANU And YAA RAHEEM”

prayer for buying a home

See how simple this invocation is, all you have to do is recite the blessed names of Allah. Allah says in Quran, ” remember me I will remember you”


Every Friday for 7 Fridays, after Salah Tul Asr face the Qiblah then send Durood upon Prophet Muhammad at least once after this begin the invocation, “YAA ALLAHU, YAA RAHMAANU, YAA RAHEEMU” up until Maghrib Salah. Finish of by sending Durood once again upon Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. You stop this invocation 5 minutes before Maghrib Salah, stop this invocation so that you have time to make Dua, raise your hands to make Dua to Allah by saying with humility “Ya Allah through the blessings of your names that I have just invoked. Ya Allah fulfills my needs and wants” inshaAllah once you have completed your Dua read your Maghreb Salah.


My Brothers and Sisters, be patient and don’t forget that Allah is Ar Raheem the most merciful.  Insha’Allah within the 7 Fridays you will Insha’Allah be granted your needs and wants by Allah. Be it a house or anything else.

I make Dua that Allah make everything easy for you and me.  AMEEN!

Please Remember Us In Your Prayers!

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