Wazifa For Marriage Issues

Prayer For Marriage Restoration In Urdu | Wazifa For Susral

Wazifa For Marriage Issues – Wazifa For Susral

Wazifa For In-laws

Today we are going to tell you one of the most power full wazifa for your in-laws. This wazifa is based on All-Mighty-Allah name. If you having any issue at your in-laws home do this you will get the results in few days. If you are having issues with your mother in law or with your husband this one is best wazifa for you.

Ya Kabeeru or Ya Qabeero Wazifa

This is very easy wazifa. Before starting this wazifa just think about the problems you are facing either those related to your husband or your mother in law. You have to recite Allah’s name “Ya Kabeeru” for three thousand one hunder and twenty five times. You have to recite Darood-E-Pak for three times in start and at end. After completing this wazifa take a glass of water do DAM on it and drink it. After few days you start getting results with the help of AL-Mighty-Allah, and than continue it till you reach at your goal.

Wazifa Saas or Susral Waloon ka Liya

Aj jo wazifa hum app ko btanya ja rahya hain ya bohat he asaan wazifa hai. Ager app ka susral waloon ka rawiya app ka saat theek nahi. App ki saas app ko belawaja tang krti hai. App ka shohar app ki baat nahi mantya to ya wazifa zaror krain.

Saas ka liya Wazifa

Ya wazifa bohat assan hai. App na ess wazifa main Allah Subhana Watala ka eik naame of wareed krna hai.

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App na Allah ka bohat he pyara name Ya-Kabeeru ka wareed Teeen hazar Eik Soo Paachis dafa 3125 dafa krna hai. Awal O Akhair Darood-E-Pak pherna hai 3 3 martaba. wazifa krna sa phela apna zaheen main woo sab mushkeelat la ani hain jin ki waja sa app wazifa kr rahya hain. Or phir pani ka eik glass la kr us per dam kr laina hai. Or woo pani app na pee laiina hai. Khuch din main he app ko halat badltya nazar ayain ga Insha-Allah.


Or App na ya wazifa us time taak krna hai jab taak app ka masla khatam nahi ho jata


Note: Humain Apni Duwaoin Main yaad rahkain.

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