Prayer For Protection From Enemies | Wazifa For Hajat in 1 Day in Urdu|dushman se bachne ki dua

Wazifa for enemy become friends

Lake of patience effects

Nowadays a common thing in our society is a lake of patience. Due to this many of us create differences in hearts and made our beloved once to our enemy. To be a human we need to be careful and live with love and compassionately. But due to little patience endurance is ending and people are going to become the enemy of each other. It’s getting worse day by day, and everyone wants to get relief to their opponent or become friends again.


Wazifa to be friends with enemy

Recite “AL-MUNTAQIM” (The Avenger), “YA-AFUW” (The Pardoner). Start from Friday and do it continuously up to “3” Fridays, as much as u can do this wazifa IN SHA ALLAH with the blessing of ALLAH your enemy become your friend again.

Wazifa to get relief from enemy

Recite “YA-SAMADU” (The Enternal), “1000” times. Please make sure whenever you start this wazifa complete it at a time with a proper pronunciation. IN SHA ALLAH you get relief from your enemy.

Wazifa for defense of kidnapping

While doing wadu recite continually “YA-QADIRU” (the Able)  while washing each part of your body during wadu. IN SHA ALLAH with the blessing of Almighty ALLAH, your problem will be solved.

Fear of theft of the enemy wazifa

Recite surah “QUREESH” (QURAN:30) on a regular basis, and recite DAROOD-E-PAK at least once each time before and after surah. With the blessing of ALLAH, all you fear will end. Please make sure that your pronunciation must clear.

 Wazifa for tough time

Do fasting for “3” days, and 4th day recite “AL-KHAFID” (The Abaser) “500” times at the same time. IN SHA ALLAH with the blessing of ALLAH, you get relief from your terrible time.

 Note: Remember us in your prayers. Thank you!

Dushmani khatam karny ka wazifa

“AL-MUNTAQIM” (Badlah leny wala), “YA-AFUW” (Maaf karny wala). Ap nay es wazify ko jummah kay din shuru karna hai aur “3” jummah tak es amal ko kasrat kay sath karna hai. IN SHA ALLAH apki dushmani dosti main badal jay gi.

Dushman par fatah hasil karny ka wazifa

“YA-SAMADU” (BE-NYAAZ) ko “1000” martabah parh leny say IN SHA ALLAH apko apny dushman pay fatah hasil hojay gi. Wazify ko karny say pehly talafuz ki darustagi zarur kar lijiy ga.

Aghwah hony kay tahafuz ka wazifa

Ap wazu karty huy har aik azu ko dhoty waqt “YA-QADIRU” (Qudrat wala) kasrat say parh lia Karen. IN SHA ALLAH ap dushman kay hathon agwah hony say mehfooz rahen gay. Wazify kay talafuz ki darustagi kay liy video zarur daik lain.

Dushman Aur chori ya daketi say tahafuz ka wazifa

Ap QURAN PAK kay 30 parah main surah “QUREESH” awal o akhar aik bar DAROOD-E-PAK parh lain au res amal ko apna mamool bana lain. IN SHA ALLAH apko kabhi chori ya daketi ka khatra n he rahy ga aur dushman say bhi ALLAH ki rehmat say mehfooz rahen gay. Surah ko behtar talafuz say parhny kay liy aik bar kisi molana ya moli sahib ko parh kar tasali zarur kar lain.

Mushkilat say nijaad ka wazifa

Es wazify ko karny kay liy, ap pehly 3 din rozah rakhen. Aur 4th din “500” martaba “YA-KHAFID” (Past karny wala) aik hi bar main parh lain. IN SHA ALLAH apki har tarha ki mushkil ALLAh ki raza say zaroor khatam hojay gi.

Note: Apni duaoon main humain zarur yaad rakhiy ga. Shukriya

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