Problems in marriage proposals

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Problems in marriage proposals

Nikah is an Arabic term used for marriage. It means “contract.” The Quran specifically refers to marriage as “a strong covenant and they have taken a strong pledge from you?” (Quran 4:21). So today wazifa is for the problems in marriage proposals.

Problems in marriage proposals

Nowadays, a majority of the youth are encountering marriage problems due to lack good of proposals. Or we can say a satisfied marriage proposal. Most of the girls affected by black magic or obstacles on their wedding. Girls are growing older day by day. They got engaged, but after some time it breaks whatever the reason might be.

O mankind! Be careful of your duty to your Lord, Who created you from a single soul and from it created its mate and from them has spread abroad a multitude of men and women” (Quran: 4:1).

 Overcoming obstacles to marriage

Today we are going to represent two (2) important wazifa for such problems. Which will help IN SHA ALLAH getting married with a pious boy or girl, all the hurdles in their marriage will be eradicated soon with the blessing of ALLAH Almighty.

How to do wazifa

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  • After “Asar” prayer recites “YA-ZALJILAL-E-WAL-IKRAM” “312” times. Do it on a regular basis till up to with the blessing of Almighty ALLAH you got a solution.
  • Recite before sleeping, “SURAH IKHLAS” “41” times daily. And recite “11” times Darood-E-Pak before and after wazifa. Till up to 90 days. Please make sure that you don’t miss a single day for it. Do it for 90 days compulsory if between this process you get a good proposal, or even you got engaged too. But you should complete your 90 days for this wazifa. And one more important thing that. This wazifa is only for those boys and girls who want to marry just do this wazifa else you don’t do it for your loved once. the person who wants to marry can only do this. IN SHA ALLAH your desire was fulfilled

Important note

Please make sure that you fulfill all the terms and condition for this wazifa. You must follow the quality time of wazifa and all terms and conditions. And make sure that your pronunciation is clear or you must concert with expert ones.

Note: Remember us in your prayers. Thank you!

Rishtoon main bandish

Aik achay humsafar ki talaash kisy nhe hoti. Har nojwan ki khwahish hoti hai kay us ka humsafar us ki aain khwahishon kay mutabiq ho. Laekin aj kal achy rishty mil pana bhi behad mushkil ho gya hai. Bohat sy log apny bachoon kay rishtoon kay liay pareshan hain. kuch kay rishty nhe aa rahy hoty or koi bandish ya rukawat ka sabab ho jata hai. Nojawaan bachiyon ki umaren barhny jesy beshumaar masaail hain.

Shadi hony ka wazifa

Shadi main bandish ko khatam karny kay liy. Aaj hum ap ko 2 aesy wazeefy bataen gay. Jis sy IN SHA ALLAH apki shadi ki rukawaten duor hoti chali jaen gi.

  1. Namaz e Asaar kay baad “312” martaba “YA-ZALJILAL-E-WAL-IKRAM” parhen. IN SHA ALLAH bohat jald apki pareshani dour ho jay gi. Ye wazifa ap khud apny liy karna chahen toh bhi kar sakty hain aur agr apni family my sy ya apny pyaroon main say kisi kay liy karna chahen toh bhi kiya jaa sakta hai.
  2. Rozana raat sony say pehly “41” martaba “SURAH IKHLAS” awaal o akhaar main “11” martaba Darood-E-Pak parh lain. Aur ye amal musalsal “90” din tak karna hai. Aik baat ka khaas khyal rakhen ye amaal wohi kar sakta hai jo shadi karny ka khwahish mand ho. Koi dusra ap kay liy yaa ap kisi dusry kay liy es wazify ko nahe kar sakty. Aur is wazify kay liy “90” din puray karna zaruri hain. kay kisi din naghaa na ho agr is wazify kay doraan apko achy rishty ana shuru ho jaty hain ya app ki mangani bhi ho jati hay toh tab bhi ap ko is wazify kay “90” din puray karna zaruri hai.

Note: Humain apni duaoon main zaroor yaad rakhiy ga.

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