Quran permits a man to hit his wife

Quran permits a man to hit his wife

Quran permits a man to hit his wife

Islam gives the proper rights to women. It’s not allowed to hit a women according to Islam and according to the teaching of Islam. The Quran orders good treatment of your wife. Quran says you must have to honor your wife and treat them kindly, even if you don’t feel lover for her.

Respect for women in Islam

According to Quran your women have rights over you same as husband have rights to their women. So give them proper rights and obey them too. According to Quran, man have more responsibilities than his wife. He is the protector and maintainer of her needs.

According our Prophet PBUH, best of you those who are best your wife’s. So person who loves and treat kindly with their wife’s are best one among us.

Allowed Reasons to hit his wife.

But still there are some case in which, man have rights to force his wife to do some acts. And if she not agree on it than he can even beat her. The purpose behind this is not to hurt or humiliate the woman. Rather it is intended to make her realize that she has disobeyed against her husband’s rights. That her husband has the right to set her straight and discipline her.

Cases in which Man can hit her wife’s are mentioned below.

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  • If women not do makeup when his husband wants her to get ready for him.
  • In case if women rejects to sleep with his husband without any reason.
  • One more reason if women not offer prayer without any reason or not to take bath after making love with his husband.
  • Any if she goes out of home without her husband permission even after husband paid his Maahar amount. It doesn’t means her not able to go out of home. This means she must have to obey his husband orders.


This means a man has the right to hit his wife. But in a manner that is not harsh and does not cause injury and if there is a reason for that. Such as her going against his wishes or disobeying him.

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