Sadness- Dukh-Takleef Sa Bachna Ka Wazifa

Usually sadness is an emotional feeling or pain. It directly associated with grief, loss and sorrow. Sometime people feel or experience sadness and due to that they become quiet. They stop talking with others. Stop going out and keep themselves in a specific zone. People become sad when their emotions for any loved or liked thing get hurt. And if this stage continue it take a human being into state of depression, which is most dangerous one for anybody.

Why do people get sad?

As discuss earlier people get sad when they lose something. But on serious nodes every person has their own reason to get sad. You not able to judge why anyone get sad. Sometime people get sad or depress when they are taking high dose of medicines to fight with their illness. Sadness is human nature no one able to remain happy for lifetime. Unlike depression sadness is natural part of life. Research found that even sadness is good for health. As per physiologist “When we feel sadness, it centers us”. Even we get sad on happy moment of life.

How to cure sadness

Sadness is in human nature. So when you are sadness no need to worry. Tell yourself you will come out of this stage. Motivate yourself, meet people who make you happy. Listen some motivational speeches. Don’t allow sadness to overcome on you. Tackle it tell yourself it’s temporary state. Start reading books this is the best way to overcome it.

Natural depression treatment

If you are Muslim start reading Quran-E-Pak. The best remedy to overcome sadness or depression. Start reciting verse of Quran-E-Pak. Start reciting names of All-Mighty-Allah. If you are Christian start reading Bible. If you are Hindu start reading The Bhagavad Gita, The Puranas, The Tevaram.

Depression vs Sadness

Depression is dangerous stage of sadness. When you are depress you start blaming yourself. For some certain acts. Sometime people stop talking with others. In simple words they start blaming life instead fighting with it. They lose hope, they lose this war. Never ever allow your sadness to overcome on you or become depression.


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