The Purpose Of Ramadan Ul Mubarak|Ramadan Reminder

The Purpose of Ramadan

Salaam brothers and sisters

In this article, we will be talking about the purpose of Ramadan. Yes, my brothers and sisters, we all know that Ramadan is a virtuous month but we lack to understand the actual reason why we have to fast in this month. Many people have many different intentions for fasting but only a few would actually understand the reality.

Qur’an On Fasting

Allah has said in the Quran, “fasting has been made obligatory upon you just like it was made upon those that came before you so that you attain taqwa.

Meaning Of Taqwa

My brothers and sisters some of you may be thinking what the word “taqwa” means. “Taqwa” means to fear Allah and to only indulge in virtuous actions. A person who has “taqwa” is known as “Muttaqee”.

Fasting And Taqwa

What link does fasting have with being pious? Good question. My brothers and sisters we all know that eating and drinking are both basic requirements to keep the body functioning e.g if we do not eat breakfast in the morning then we tend to feel lazy throughout the entire day because we have left an important meal of the day. In this month of Ramadan Al Mubarak we are obligated to refrain from food, water, and sexual intercourse but why? My brothers and sisters Allah is telling us that if we can refrain from food and water for a huge portion of the day whilst it is a known necessity then surely we can leave our bad habits that we may have adopted throughout the years such as smoking, swearing, being disrespectful etc.

My brothers and sisters the more we eat the more desires we tend to have, in this month we kill our desires and purify the heart. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said, “Shaban is the expiator while Ramadan is the purifier”. May Allah grant us a pure heart. Ameen!

Secondary Aspects To Fasting

When fasting we must also remember the poor and less fortunate. This is not the reason why we actually fast but surely in the state of fasting we must also remember our Muslim brothers and sisters that do not have food and clean water. We need to contemplate upon how much we waste and learn a lesson in this blessed month.

Intentions In The Month Of Ramadan Ul Mubarak

In this virtuous month, we should make good intentions through which we can benefit immensely. It is observed that many people intend on losing weight in this month, is this a bad intentions? This is not a bad intention but there will be no reward for such an intention.  The intentions that will be virtuous for us are those in which we express our integer to become pious e.g. in this month I will complete the Quran, in this month I will become punctual with prayers etc.


I pray that Allah keeps us all happy! Aameen Ya Rab

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