Wazifa For buying new house

Dua for buying new house

Know a days so many people wants to own a house. They try to save money but mostly not able to do so. So many have a wish for buying new house for them and for their families. Owning a house is a satisfying feeling that we not able to describe in words.

Man have so many wishes in their life and buying a house is one them. There are so many families struggling to buy a house.

Today wazifa is especially for fulfilling the desire wishes and one of them is buying a house for family. We have two wazifas in our video please listen them properly and pronounce them in correct way.

Buying New House

If you want to buy a house for yourself or for your family please do this wazifa in proper way. This is very easy wazifa and with the help of Al-Mighty-Allah you will able to buy a house in near future. He will create some way for you Insha-Allah

Yaa Allah, Yaa Rahman and Ya Raheem Wazifa

This wazifa is based on Al-Mighty-Allah names. “Yaa Allah, Yaa Rahman and Ya Raheem”. You have to recite these names for seven days. After offering Assar prayer you have to start reciting these beautiful names of Al-Mighty till Maghreeb prayer and do recite Darood-E-Pak for once while starting and endning this wazifa. You have to sit facing Qibla. At the end of the wazifa before Maghreeb prayer make a dua infront of Allah. Insha-Allah he will help you to full fil your desire wishes like buying a home.

Yaa Khafidu Wazifa

This wazifa is also based on Al-Mighty-Allah name “Yaa Khafidu”. You have to recite “Yaa Khafidu” for 500 times every day. And also you have to recite Darood-E-Pak in start and end of this wazifa. It’s easy wazifa you can recite this wazifa at any time in day and night, and continue it for at least seven days. Even you can recite it for more than seven days also.

Note: Please do remember us in your prayers.

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