How To Become Rich

Wazifa For Money

Wazifa for money

One time wazifa for money

Today we are going to tell you more potent and easy wazifa for money. Attempt it only one time. And with the blessing of ALLAh. It will be helpful for the lifetime. By doing this wazifa IN SHA ALLAH all your financial problem will be resolved. And it will increase your economic condition. To write this wazifa properly please must watch the video with full concentration. Further queries do contact us or comment below.

Process of wazifa

For doing this wazifa. Please make sure that you must be neat and clean and in wadu. After Jummah prayer writes “35” times “MUHAMMAD-UR-RASUL-LILAH AHMAD-UR-RASUL-LILAH SAL-LAL-LA_HO-TAALA-ALE-HI-WA-ALEHI-WASALAM.” Please use blank (plain) paper and write it with any pen. Save it in your pocket. Female should place it in their bag. And if you don’t want to take it with you in pocket or bag. You should put it at home. IN SHA ALLAH with the blessing of Almighty ALLAH. All your financial intentions will resolve. One more thing with the Blessing of this wazifa it will protect you from devils evil.

Note: Remember us in your prayers. Thank you!

Dolat ka be misaal wazifa

Ajj hum apko dolat kay aesa be misaal wazifa batany ja rahy hain. Jisy bas aik bar likh kar mehfooz kar leny say apki kamyabi ki rah humwaar ho jay gi. Es wazify ko kar leny sy IN SHA ALLAH apki tamam maliyati masaail ka khatma ho jay ga. Wazify kay amaal ko behtar andaaz main samajhny kay liy video zarur daekhen. kisi kisam ki bhi baat samajh nay ay to hap hum say comment kar kay bhi puvh sakty hain.

Wazify ka amaal

Es wazify ko karny kay liy apka paak saaf hona or saaf libaas may hona zaruri hay. Jummah ki namaaz kay baad ba wazu ho kar apny “35” martaba “MUHAMMAD-UR-RASUL-LILAH AHMAD-UR-RASUL-LILAH SAL-LAL-LA_HO-TAALA-ALE-HI-WA-ALEHI-WASALAM” likhna hay. Es baat ka khaas khyal rakhen is wazify ko likhny kay liy (plain paper) linon kay bager saaf safah lain or kisi bhi qalam kay sath likh kar kay apni pocket main mehfooz kar lain. Agr koi khatoon is ko rakhna chahen toh wo apny purs (bag) main rakh lain.  Es kay ilawa ap is wazify ko apny ghar main bhi rakh sakty hain. IN SHA ALLAH is wazify ki barkaat say apko dolat main kabhi koi tangi mehsus nhe hogi. aur ap shaitaan kay shar say bhi mehfooz rahen gay.

Note: Apni duaon main humain zarur yaad rakhiy ga. Shukriya

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