Muslim Prayer For Success

Muslim Prayer For Success | Wazifa For Hajat | Wazifa For Hajat in 1 Night | Wazifa For All Hajat

Wazifa for success

Due to unnecessary wishes, people got in trouble in their life. Those individuals who face difficulties in the lives. Ot the way they imagine the life of the world would have been different. People wish, successful life but somehow they face problems in life and desire of salvation. So this wazifa for success some how help you to fulfill your valid wishes.

Muslim Prayer For Success

Our today’s wazifa based on success. Which are valid and our desire. By doing this wazifa IN SHA ALLAH all your problems like “reduction in earning, things to fall, falling away from others and laureate in the disease etc” will be solved. In-fact any valid wish will fulfil with the blessing of ALLAH Almighty.

How to do success wazifa

Before sleeping, recite “YA-SHAIKH ABDUL QADIR SHAI-IL-LILAH” “1000” times, and recite “10” times Darood-E-Pak before and after wazifa. After that do “dum” on your right hand, put your cheeks down on that hand to fall asleep. IN SHA ALLAH in few days you can see results. Please make sure that your pronunciation will be cleared. For any quires contact us or comment bellow.

Note: Remember us in your prayers. Thank you!

Zindagi ki mushkilaat aur khwahishaat

Insaani fitrat hay kay wo bohat se khwahishaat apni roz marha zindagi kay liy rakhta hai. Aur aesi khwahishaat ko haasil karny kay liy har mumkin koshish bhi karta hai. Laekin bohat se mushkilaat ki binah par humari khwahishaat adhuri reh jati hai.

Naik hajat ka wazifa

Ajj hum apko aik aesa wazifa batany jaa rahy hain. Jis say apki har tarha ki naik hajat puri hojay gi. Es wazify ko pukhta emeen, aur naik dili kay sath Karen, IN SHA ALLAH aik hi din may apki khwahish puri hojay gi. Jis kisi bhi naik hajat ki niyat Karen gay, ya kisi bhi kisam ki mushkilaat sy chutkata haasil karny ki hajat say Karen gay, who IN SHA ALLAH zaroor puri hogi.

Wazify ka amal

[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”600″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#000000″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]Raat ko sony say pehlay “1000” martaba “YA-SHAIKH ABDUL QADIR SHAI-IL-LILAH” parhna hai. Awal o akhar “10” martaba Darood-E-Pak  parh kay apny seedhy hath ki hatheli pay “Dum” kar kay, apny rukhsaar ko es hatheli pay rakh kay so jaen. IN SHA ALLAH subha tak apki hajat zaroor puri hojay gi. Talafuz ki darustagi kay liy video zarur daekh lai.[/mks_pullquote]

Notye: Apni duaoon main yaad rakhiy ga. Shukriya

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