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Wazifa for money or wealth on Eid Day – Wazifa to get rich

Wazifa for money or wealth on Eid Day – Wazifa to get rich

Eid Al Ahda is one of the most important day for Muslims. This day tell us how to scarify. It’s recommended to praise Al-Mighty-Allah on this day as much as you can. Wazifa we bring today is one of the important wazifa for any one’s life. So wazifa to get rich is for you.

By doing this wazifa Insha-Allah Allah will open his doors of wealth for you. And for the whole year you will not short of money. It’s not difficult wazifa to achieve.

Wazifa to get rich

It’s a simple wazifa to get rich and fulfill our desire wishes. You have to take 7 seeds of Barley. In Urdu it’s called Joo. You will easily get it from market. Usually it’s available in our homes in Asia region. You have to recite YA FATAHU YA RAZZAQU for 997 times. After that make a small pack of them and put it in your wallet. So whenever you have to open your wallet be ensure you are with Wadu. Our even you store them in lockers where you use to put your money. Whenever you have to open the locker you must have to perform wadu or must be in condition of wadu. That’s it, Insha-Allah whole year you will not short of money. You have recite 3 time Darood-E-Pak in start and in end.

Meaning of AL-FATTAH

Meaning of Al-Fattah is The Opener, The Revealer, and The Granter of Success. The One who is the judge. The one who is the revealer. The One who opens what is closed. The one who judge what shall be open for you. The one how is the granter of success for you.

Meaning of AR-RAZZAQ

Meaning of Ar-Razzaq is The Provider, The Supplier. The One who know what to provide you. The one is the supplier of all your needs. The one who is the provider and supplier of each and everything.

Ameer Hona Ka Wazifa

Aj jo wazifa hum app ko btanya ja rahya hain. Ess ko kr ka app ameer ho saktya hain. Ager app ko lagta hai ka app per tangdasti hai, Karboar nahi chalta. App ka pass paisya nahi atya. App apnii zaoriat pori nahi kr patya to ya wazifa lazmi krain.

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Ya Wazifa Mushkel nahi hai. App na Joo ka 7 dany laina hai or un per YA FATAHU YA RAZZAQU ka wareed krna hai 997 dafa. Us ka baad app na woo 7 danya eik packet bana kr apna Paras main rahk laina hain. Ya phir asi jaga rahknya hain jahan app apni raqam rahktya hain Yani ka Locker ya Raqam wali theli. App na Awal-O-AKhiar 3 dafa Darood-E-Pak bhi pharna hai.


App na jab bhi apna paras ya woo raqam wali thali kholni hai to Ahtiat ya krni hai ka app Ba-Wazo hoin. Insha-Allah App ko pora saal paisya ka liya tangdasti nahi ho ge.

Note: Humain Apni Duwaoin main yaad rahkain. Humain app sab ki duwaoin ki Ashad zarorat hai. Or hamra saat dain ess video or post ko share kr ka. Taakya or bhi bht saa musliman ess ka faida utha sakain.


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